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Pump it Up: The Best Pool Inflatables and Toys for Summer

Best Inflatables for the pool

Inflatable toys for the swimming pool have become a holiday essential - we pick some of the most fun!

Over the past few years, the inflatable pool toy has become the no.1 accessory for hard partying summer holidays.

Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Kendall Janner are among the millions of people who have littered their Instagram feeds with selfies of them sipping cocktails on an big inflatable swan drifting across a glittering pool surface.

These pool inflatables come in all manner of shapes and sizes – the latter being something to consider when you’re pushed for packing space. The cheapest sell for £20 or even less – but be warned that at this price they are prone to deflate and puncture. As usual, if you spend a little more you will get a product that lasts longer than a week or 2.

Oh, and remember to budget for an electric pump like the one we recommend.  It’s practically an essential requirement if you get one of the bigger inflatables.


  • Inflatable Swan
  • Inflatable flamingo
    Inflatable flamingo
  • Sunnylife Moby Dick
  • Inflatable Bar and Seats for pool
    Inflatable Bar and Seats for pool
  • Blue Cup Pool Party Floating Beer Pong
  • IVIVO ® Mains Electric Air Pump
    IVIVO ® Mains Electric Air Pump

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