How to look like a Top Tennis Player

Britain goes tennis mad when Wimbledon makes its way back on our screens. This often results in people dusting off their racquets having not played in yonks and attempt to replicate the antics of Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Andy Murray et al on public tennis courts.

We’ve looked back at Wimbledon tournaments over the years and put together a handy guide on how to look like your favourite players with their preferred kit and accesories. While you may not be able to play like a top tennis player, you’ll certainly be able to look like one!    

Novak Djokovic

Total cost: £140


Winner of 8 grand slam titles and the current world number one, Novak Djokovic is the best player in the world right now. After stints with Adidas and Sergio Tacchini, Djokovic signed a five-year deal with Uniqlo worth €8 per year for 5 years.

Uniqlo White Polo

Available from: Novak Djokovic Official Store

Price: £40

Djokovic Shirt 2


This shirt forms part of the Uniqlo Dry Ex collection. These have been designed to help absorb sweat as soon as it forms, meaning no unsightly armpit sweat patches!

The purple and green trim on the collar represents the colours associated with Wimbledon, a tournament tradition going back to 1909.

Uniqlo White Wimbledon Shorts

Available from: Novak Djokovic Official Store

Price: £40

Djoko Shorts


Djokovic, a player known for possessing cat-like movement on court, needs a pair of shorts that won’t in any way restrict his mobility.

These shorts are incredibly accommodating for people of all builds, with a wide elastic waistband that provides a nice, comfortable fit.

Adidas adiPower Barricade – White/Black/Light Onyx 

Available from: Pro Direct Tennis

Price: £60

Djoko Shoes


One of the best shoes around for those serious about their tennis. Light, durable and incredibly comfortable.

Should you happen to own an Adidas fitness wearable then you’re in luck as the Barricade is compatible with Adidas miCoach. This allows you to track your performance and see in detail what aspects of your game you need to work on.

 Roger Federer

Total cost: £203

Federer Kit


His career’s not over yet but many regard the Swiss as the greatest tennis player of all time. Winner of an astounding 17 grand slams, including 7 Wimbledon championships which saw him equal Pete Sampras’ haul.

Federer is sponsored by none other than sports giant Nike, who’ve also launched a personalized ‘RF’ range of apparel.

Nike Advantage

From: Nike Store

Price: £45



Similar to the shirt worn by Federer at last year’s Wimbledon championship, this is classic Wimbledon attire. A white polo with the black Nike tick offering the only hint of colour.

Nike RF Cap

Available from: Nike Store

Price: £20



You’ll often find Federer swanning about with this on his head during press conferences or when he’s walking out on court. A must-have for all you die hard Fed fans out there to show your support.

Nike Headband

Available from: Nike Store

Price: £13



More and more players should wear headbands, evoking memories of 80s era tennis players like Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe.

The 80s were a veritable ‘golden age’ for tennis: wooden racquets, big hair, short shorts and intense rivalries. Just thinking about it now makes me go all misty eyed.

 Nike Zoom Vapor 9

Available from: Nike Store

Price: £125


The great thing about Fed’s shoes are that you can further customize them using NikeID. You can get them to look like the ones he wore at Wimbledon in 2013 that caused such a stir with their oh so provocative orange soles.

Andy Murray

Total cost: £105



The best player Britain’s produced in a while (sorry Tim). The surly Scot achieved British sporting immortality when he beat Novak Djokovic to win the 2013 Wimbledon title and became the first Briton to win it since Fred Perry in 1936.

Murray was with Adidas but last year signed a new four-year kit deal with Under Armour believed to be worth £15 million.

Team GB Wristbands

Available from: eBay

Price: £9.99

Murray Wristbands


The London Olympics have long since finished but you can still pick up these Stella McCartney inspired, Team GB sweatbands he wore when he won the gold medal, which happened to take place at the All England Club.

They’re limited in availability but you can still buy them on eBay so snap them up while you can! Never before have sweatbands looked so stylish.

Adidas Barricade 2015

Available from: Pro Direct Tennis

Price: £95



Adidas’ grass court edition of their Barricade range definitely has a more sedate colour scheme when compared to the green and black Barricade 8+ Murray was seen wearing at this year’s Australian Open.

Renowned for their comfort, the Barricade 2015s were given an ‘Editor’s Choice’ award by publication

 John McEnroe

Total cost: £137



It would have been remiss of us to leave McEnroe off this list. Famed not only for his three Wimbledon titles and his rivalries with Bjorn Borg, Jimmy Connors and Ivan Lendl, McEnroe gave one one of the most memorable sporting moments  in history.

John McEnroe was an icon in a golden age of tennis. The great man is still a fixture at Wimbledon as he provides commentary for the BBC.

There’s demand for McEnroe’s retro Sergio Tacchini clothing which you can find from specialist websites.

 Sergio Tacchini – Ghibli Davis Cup McEnroe Track in Navy/White/Red

Available from: 80s Casual Classics

Price: £55

McEnroe Jacket


An iconic jacket worn by McEnroe not only at Wimbledon but while playing for the United States at the Davis Cup. This jacket exudes eighties cool.

Sergio Tacchini Classic McEnroe Blow Polo Shirt

Available from: 80s Casual Classics

Price: £42

McEnroe Shirt


To compliment the jacket is this classic polo shirt worn by McEnroe in his heyday. Popular not only among tennis fans but also those of 80s fashion.

Dunlop Maxply Fort

Available from: eBay

Price: from £40

McEnroe Racquet


Forget today’s racquets made from titanium or graphite, keep it old school with a wooden Dunlop Maxply Dunlop Fort, the very racquet used by McEnroe.

While tricky to find, you can find a few of these knocking around on eBay. While wooden Dunlop racquets are not ideal ideal to play with, they’re a must have for collectors of vintage items or for those looking to achieve the complete McEnroe look.










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