Get Trollied! The 5 Best Festival Trolleys in 2017

We review the 5 best festival trolleys you can get in 2017 - from the humble 2kg sack truck to the 350kg capacity heavy duty garden trolley

Glastonbury Festival tickets need to be paid in full at the end of the month, Latitude has just announced its line-up – yes Festival Season 2017 is about to begin in earnest. So it’s time to start assembling your festival gear, and the most important item of all is what you carry it around in: the festival trolley.

The festival trolley is the unsung hero of the festival season. It takes your tents, bags, beers and – sometimes – kids from the car to the campsite. As people take more andmore clobber to longer and longer festivals, the trolley has become an essential piece of kit for many.

But while you can pick up a cheap piece of bendy Chinese tat branded ‘festival trolley’ for around a tenner, but the ones featured here will all perform their duties as advertised. If the weather forecast is good and the ground firm, you can safely go the for the cheapest one we’ve featured here – the Avit Folding Truck. It’s the only one we’ve reviewed without inflatable tyres, which become essential if the ground is muddy and uneven.

A good festival trolley should last you 5 years or more if you treat it right

All the other festival trolleys cost a lot more, but offer more in terms of carrying load, off-road ability and overall build quality.

A good festival trolley should last you 5 years or more if you treat it right – by which we mean that you don’t overload its stated capacity. If the terrain is especially muddy and/or uneven under foot we strongly recommend you play it safe: better to do 2 runs to the car than end up with a busted axle and an overpriced sled.

So without further fanfare, we recommend the 5 best festival trolleys to see you through the 2017 festival season. Enjoy the mud!

  • Avit Folding Truck
    Avit Folding Truck

    Price: £18.99

    Pros:Cheap, light, foldable

    Cons: A little flimsy, small non-pneumatic wheels

    A customer says:"As good as you can expect for the price - I've used it at festivals when the weather's dry and it's fine. Wouldn't risk it in the mud though."

    This is the smallest trolley in our review and it is also the cheapest. And it’s fair to say you get what you pay for: the load capacity is a relatively low 60kg, the wheels are small and plastic while the build quality is unimpressive.

    However is you’re travelling solo and the weather is dry, the Avit Folding Truck may prove to be a lifesaver. It folds away to an easily packable size and weighs just 2 kilos. It won’t last long transporting 10 slabs of lager across a muddy Worthy Farm but if you manage your expectations it should serve you well. Cheap and cheerful.

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  • Kampa Trucker Fold-up Festival Trolley
    Kampa Trucker Fold-up Festival Trolley

    Price: £69.95

    Pros:Foldable, sturdy, well-made

    Cons: Expensive

    A customer says:"We needed to transport a gazebo 4 chairs and a picnic about 2 miles for a fire work festival It's was full and heavy and performed brilliantly."

    Although not explicitly designed for festivals, the Kamper Trucker ticks just about every box we can think of. It’s well made, with a heavy duty steel frame and waterproof polyester lining capable of carrying 100kg of festival clobber. The large wheels work well in the mud – as long as you don’t overload it –  and the fold-up design makes it easy to stow away en route to Glasto or Reading.

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  • Draper Garden CartSave
    Draper Garden Cart

    Price: £44.99

    Was: £74.99

    Pros:Proper inflatable tyres, solid build

    Cons: Takes up a lot of space in the car

    A customer says:"They've lasted years, carry loads and are pretty indestructible. Even Wellie-high sticky mud at Reading a few years back couldn't kill it!"

    The Draper Garden cart is another sturdy contender – it weighs in at a hefty 17kg, give or take a can of Special Brew. It’s not foldable but you can take it apart quite easily for travelling – but even then the base could take up a bit of space. The tyres on the Draper Garden cart are wide and properly inflatable – making it the go to trolley for a muddy festival. There have been some reports of the front axle breaking with heavy use – but we suspect that the weight limit of 150kg wasn’t being observed. The current £44.99 offer with Robert Dyas is a great deal – some £25 cheaper than Amazon.

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  • Off-Roader Heavy-Duty Festival Trolley
    Off-Roader Heavy-Duty Festival Trolley

    Pros:Compact, light, good ground clearance

    Cons: Harder to push up and down hills than 4-wheeled wagons

    A customer says:"Seriously do not waste money on any other trolley for festivals, anything with small wheels scrapes all your gear on the floor and will spin round constantly on anything but tarmac."

    If you are travelling to the festival by train or coach, a 2-wheeled trolley like the Off-Roader may be the best option because they fold down into a easily stowed bag. This trolley has earned a good reputation with the hardcore festival goers over on because it’s sturdy, well designed and folds down to a very compact 50cm by 21cm by 68cm. Of course, with a 2-wheeled trolley you’ll need to put a bit more effort when pushing it up and down muddy hills, but the effort makes that first beer you crack open that much more appealing.

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  • VonHaus All-Terrain Heavy Duty Garden TrolleySave
    VonHaus All-Terrain Heavy Duty Garden Trolley

    Price: £59.99

    Was: £89.99

    Pros:Massive load capacity, good off-road tyres

    Cons: Heavy, hard to assemble/disassemble

    A customer says:"Bought this to take to Glastonbury, and it was absolutely great - put it together, pump up the tyres and off you go. Loaded it right up, took it over some pretty rough terrain and it never let us down."

    When they say the VanHaus Heavy Duty trolley they really mean heavy – this fella is a whopping 19kg, by far the heaviest one reviewed here. That said, it can carry up to 350kg of festival clobber, which is twice as much as any of the other trollies featured. The wheels are pneumatic, wide and perfect for off-road activities such as transporting 10 slabs of Carling from the car to the campsite. (This is not a trolley that you’ll be able to take on the train or bus). The assembly instructions are a bit cryptic, but we got it together in the end. The big daddy of festival trollies.

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  • Avit Folding TruckKampa Trucker Festival TrolleyDraper Garden CartOff-Roader Heavy Duty Festival TrolleyVonHaus All-Terrain Garden Trolley
    Dimensions60 x 60 x 60cm92 x 50 x 59cm128 x 27.5 x 61.5cm52 x 50 x 102cm85 x 23 x 45cm
    Max. Load60kg100kg150kg120kg350kg

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