Abs Blasting Exercise Equipment to get Beach Body Ready

Our top choices for exercise equipment to help get you beach body ready this summer

It’s spring and it’s time to start getting into shape for the summer season and get those rock hard, beach body abs.

While going to gym is great for the social aspect, meeting people trying to achieve the same goals as you, not everyone can afford a gym membership or has the time to go.

Truth is you don’t need to head to the gym. Here are six pieces of exercise equipment that allow you to shed a few pounds in the comfort of your own home. They don’t cost much or take up too much space either. From gym balls to jump ropes, these are all the tools you need to destroy your beer gut!

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  • Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro
    Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

    Price: £39.99

    Ab Rollers are highly effective at maximising your core strength and working the muscles in your stomach, back, shoulders and arms.

    There are plenty of makes and models but the one that impressed us was the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro. Its ultra-wide design is incredibly stable and rolls smoothly on all orientations. The rubberized treads lower the risk of slipping, while its non-slip ergonomic grips offers greater stability.

    It’s the best Ab Wheel available on the market.

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  • Ultrasport Sit-Up Bench
    Ultrasport Sit-Up Bench

    Price: £60.55

    Sit-Ups are a great exercise to strengthen and flatten the abdominals. You can also use sit-up benches to do other exercises such as crunches, leg raises and abdominal exercises with a medicine ball.

    You can quite easily tone your body with about half an hour of exercise each day. This Ultrasport Sit-Up bench even comes with a set of dumbbells and two exercise straps.

    It’s also foldable so doesn’t take up too much space, making this a must-have fitness accessory.

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  • Master of Muscle Fitness Swiss Ball
    Master of Muscle Fitness Swiss Ball

    Price: £29.99

    Gym balls (aka Swiss Balls) allow you to vary your workouts and can be used for basic abdominal exercises, low-impact aerobic exercise and strength training workouts.

    Not only are they fairly inexpensive but gym balls are very effective at targeting your core muscles, which are important for stability and good posture. We can’t recommend them enough!

    This Swiss Ball from Master of Muscle comes with a pump and a free ebook with over 20 exercises to get the most out of your workout.

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  • ELITE Surge CrossFit Speed Rope
    ELITE Surge CrossFit Speed Rope

    Price: £17.00

    Jump ropes are not only cheap and stored away easily, but it’s a great calorie burner. You’d have to run an eight-minute mile to work off more calories than you’d burn jumping rope.

    As well as helping burn those calories, jumping rope is also good for the heart as it improves cardiovascular fitness.

    The Elite Surge Jump Rope is not only a high quality piece of equipment but is fully adjustable and comes in a variety of colours.

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  • Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pull Up Bar
    Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pull Up Bar

    Price: £37.62

    This is an ideal piece of equipment to have and use in the privacy of your own home. Allows you to gain strength, stamina and athleticism.

    The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym is multi-functional, allowing you to do pullups, chinups, situps and dips with just one piece of equipment.

    Easy to assemble too. Just attach it your door frame and you’re good to go!

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