Outfits to Match Marc B’s Angel Pocket Handbag: Workwear

Update your workwear wardrobe to look and feel like a pro with our selection of stylish clothing and accessories perfect for the office.

The right workwear is key to feeling confident and comfortable in the office. It’s important to be smart and sophisticated whilst still being happy with what you’re wearing.

Achieve the right balance of smart and chic with our selection of workwear, all of which goes perfectly with Marc B’s Angel Pocket Handbag.

Get the office look down to a tee with our stylish picks. Use the voucher below and you can get an amazing 40% off your first order.

  • Angel Pocket Handbag
    Angel Pocket Handbag

    Price: £55.00

    The Angel Black Pocket handbag is ideal for workwear.

    Sophisticated and classy, its minimalist design is timeless and stylish.

    Whether you’ve got an important meeting or just have a lot to carry, it’s practical, fashionable and will help you look and feel like a powerful business woman.

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  • Flare Sleeve Poplin Shirt
    Flare Sleeve Poplin Shirt

    Price: £19.99

    We love this gorgeous shirt which is both professional and stylish.

    Its flared sleeves give it added character and make it perfect for spring as it is not too heavy or restrictive.

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  • Black Belted Pencil Skirt
    Black Belted Pencil Skirt

    Price: £29.00

    A pencil skirt is definitely a staple item of workwear for the office.

    It helps you look slick and fabulous whilst still remaining formal.

    It’s also a great alternative to trousers as the weather gets warmer.

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  • Black Turn Up Hem Cropped Trousers
    Black Turn Up Hem Cropped Trousers

    Price: £19.99

    If you’re not a fan of skirts, these trousers from New Look are a steal for just under £20.

    With a turn up hem, these cropped trousers are smart, sophisticated and perfect for Spring.

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  • Hobbs Kenwood Blazer
    Hobbs Kenwood Blazer

    Price: £119.00

    Was: £179.00

    A blazer adds a touch of elegance and style to any look, and is the perfect alternative to a coat come Spring/Summer.

    This Hobbs Kenwood Blazer is exquisitely tailored and will make you look and feel smart and confident.

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  • Carvela Mingle Flat Slip On Pumps
    Carvela Mingle Flat Slip On Pumps

    Price: £39.00

    Was: £65.00

    Whilst heels look great, they are not always the most practical choice when it comes to workwear.

    There’s nothing worse than your feet killing when you’ve got a busy day ahead of you.

    These pumps are a sensible, professional and fashionable choice.

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