5 Foolproof Ways to Get a Better Fitting Bra

A poorly fitting bra not only looks messy and feels uncomfortable, it can cause an array of ongoing health problems. Check out our illustrated 5-point guide to finding your perfect bra size...

Wearing the right-sized bra is just as important as wearing the correct sized shoe, and yet an estimated 80% of women aren’t doing it.

The consequences of wearing the wrong-sized bra aren’t just cosmetic: it can cause back pain, poor posture and in some cases even breathing problems.

Most of the issues are caused by the failure to get the correct balance between back size and cup measurements when sizing up a bra.

As well as that, there is the long-held perception that cup sizes max out at D whereas the reality is that there is a wide and varied array of attractive and comfortable bras in the D-K range.

As it happens, this is the area our friends at Brastop specialise in, and along with larger-cup size bras they also offer a comprehensive catalogue of underwear, lingerie, nightwear, swimwear and hosiery for more curvaceous women.

The Brastop website provides a comprehensive bra fitting guide, complete with videos and size tables, that provides useful and necessary information for women of all sizes. We’ve distilled some of that wisdom into this article – so pay attention, read on and discover how to give your boobs the VIP treatment that they undoubtedly deserve…

This article was produced with help of our affiliate partner Brastop, the UK’s leading retailer for D-K cup underwear, lingerie, nightwear, swimwear and hosiery.

  • 1. Make sure the band sits horizontally across the back
    1. Make sure the band sits horizontally across the back

    A well-fitting bra should have a back strap that runs horizontal across your back. If it rides up:

    • try loosening the bra shoulder straps
    • try moving down a band size
    • try moving up a cup size

    Remember the strap should also sit firmly across your back because it has to provide you with 80% of the support.

  • 2. Do the 2-finger test on the straps
    2. Do the 2-finger test on the straps

    The straps should only provide 20% of the support, with the rest being provided by the back strap.

    To check that the straps aren’t carrying too much of the load simply place 2 fingers under one of the straps: they should both fit comfortably without pushing the strap off the shoulder.

    Bonus Tip: Before putting your bra on try tightening the straps to the half-way point so it’s easier to judge what needs adjusting.

  • 3. Make sure the centre of the bra lies flat against your sternum
    3. Make sure the centre of the bra lies flat against your sternum

    The fabric connecting the cups is called the centre gore and on a well-fitting bra it should lie flat against your sternum without feeling uncomfortable. To check it’s laying flat try putting two fingers under the fabric, if they fit in easily then you need to try a different size (most probably larger).

  • 4. Do the jiggle!
    4. Do the jiggle!

    Before you do the jiggle make sure you’ve put your bra on correctly. Lean forward. then scoop your breast flesh up to the centre of the cup and from under the wire. Then it’s time to jiggle to make sure the breasts stay securely in the cups. If your boobs seem to want to escape, you’ve probably got too large a band size. If you get a lot of flesh jiggling over the top of your bra cups, your cup size may be too small.

  • 5. Watch our video

    Because sometimes it’s better to show rather than tell…

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