URBANARA Interview: ‘Mexico Inspires our Summer 2017 Collections’

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URBANARA is one of the coolest brands in homeware. Find out why its creative manager thinks Mexican-themed colours and patterns will make a splash this summer....

We caught up with the Oliver Digel, the creative manager of URBANARA, to discuss what’s trending in the world of home interiors and get some insight onto the innovative homeware company’s Spring / Summer 2017 collections.

Note: there is an Urbanara flash sale this week (until Sunday 14 May) offering 15% off the new summer bedding range.

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High-quality homewares have a place in every home. URBANARA believes that ‘good value’ is synonymous with ‘good quality’, so it combines the finest natural materials with traditional crafting techniques to produce homewares that are made to last. That’s why when you buy homewares from URBANARA, you can rest assured that you’ll buy them once, and love them forever.
Can you explain the concept behind URBANARA?

It’s actually really simple. We look for the best producers we can find to make high-quality, long-lasting homewares. By focusing on natural materials and time-proven crafting techniques, we create homewares that are both beautiful and durable. Things that you would be proud to put in your home because of how they look, and where they come from.

What makes URBANARA unique?

Our love for detail and quality! We choose only the finest materials and work directly with the best makers to produce homewares that last, at an affordable price. Simply that.

Where do you get your design inspiration?

At URBANARA we take inspiration from travelling, art, craftsmanship and of course trends. We still, however, aim to produce timeless, sophisticated designs that will last more than one season.

Bundi Linen Blanket
Bundi Linen Blanket. £85.00 at URBANARA
What do you see as the strongest interior design trends this summer?

Our Spring/Summer ‘17 collection is inspired by Mexican lifestyle: its art, culture, traditions and history are reflected with tribal patterns and embroidered details.

Our Spring/Summer ‘17 collection is inspired by Mexican lifestyle: its art, culture, traditions and history

What are the colours, patterns, fabrics to look out for?

Colourwise, dusty shades and denim blue are dominating.

What are quick and simple ways to refresh your bedroom for summer?

The easiest refresh can be achieved by using a different bedspread and a matching decorative cushion, for example in mustard on your summer bed! Linen throws are perfect for warmer summer nights, when no duvet is needed.

Eling Cushion: Natural & denim blue triangle design. £35.00 at URBANA
Eling Cushion: Natural & denim blue triangle design. £35.00 at URBANA
What are your favourite URBANARA products and why?

Our new patterned picnic blankets, perfect for long summer days in the park.

Who would be your dream celebrity to design for?

Perhaps Kate and William would let us do the honours!

Patterned Picnic Blanket
Saldhanha patterned picnic blanket – one of a range of striking items at URBANARA
Oliver Digel

Oliver Digel

Senior Creative Manager, URBANARA

Oliver is an Oxford University graduate who is currently the senior creative manager at URBANARA.

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