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Spring Outdoor Dining Essentials

Outdoor Dining

As the degrees hit double digits and the garden beckons, we look at the latest garden and outdoor dining collections from some of our favourite brands.

With Spring in full swing it’s time to give your garden furniture a cursory wipe over, dust off the BBQ and dine outdoors on the weekends and cool evenings  – that’s if the weather plays nice.

With Habitat, Maisons Du Monde and more launching new outdoor dining ranges and garden furniture, we pulled together a selection of must-haves for the perfect Spring get-together.

outdoor dining
  • Nadi Set of 4 Bamboo Dinner Plates
  • habitat Cardinal Large Blue Tumblers
    habitat Cardinal Large Blue Tumblers
  • Habitat emiko serving bowls
  • The Piggy Bag
  • Maisons Du Monde Lacanau wooden garden table

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