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Best Prices and Deals on the Weber Original Kettle Barbecue

Weber Original Kettle

We find the best prices you can get for the Weber Original Kettle charcoal barbecue - these deals sizzle...

Ask most people to picture a barbecue in their mind and it’s odds on the mental image will be of the Weber Original Kettle Barbecue.

It’s the iconic shape that sticks out – the result of company founder George Stephen Weber Sr’s momentous decision in 1954 to cut a marine buoy in two to make a weather proof barbecue. At the time people compared it to a UFO.

Of course putting a lid on a barbecue also changed the way it cooked. Because with the lid down you can heat and cook food indirectly rather than simply blasting it in the charcoal furnace.

These days there are a whole array of barbecue tips, techniques and accessories to make the most of the iconic Kettle barbecue’s shape and thermodynamics. And although the products are now inevitably manufactured in China, the build quality of the ceramic-coated kettle is still good enough to merit a 10-year guarantee.

There are a whole range of Weber barbecues around with variations on the kettle shape. We’ve focused on the Original Kettle barbecue with its One-Touch ash-cleaning system, temperature gauge. Confusingly this is sometimes listed as the Weber One-Touch Original – but they are one and the same.

So read on for the best deals and prices for the Weber Original Kettle barbecue.


Weber Original Kettle
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  • Weber Original Kettle Barbecue
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    Weber Original Kettle at Argos

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