Maisons du Monde Q&A: Celebrating 20 Years with Inspiring Designs and Trends for Summer 2017


We had a chat with Maisons du Monde who gave us the inside track on all the latest trends, colours and accessories you need for Summer 2017

Maisons du Monde is an exciting and innovative furniture brand that offers a mind-blowing variety of inspiring styles so you can create your perfect living space. We caught up with its design team to get the inside track on all the latest trends, colours and accessories you need for Summer 2017
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From furniture to home accessories, Maisons du Monde creates inspiring and original universes for every room in your house and most importantly to cater for every style. Throughout the year, its team of stylists monitors trends across the world to create exclusive furniture and home accessories collections.
Interior design tips form Maison du Monde
Can you tell us a little bit about Maisons du Monde?

Maisons du Monde is a vibrant, fun and unique furniture company with over 20 years of history.

We were founded in France and to this day we have a French Chateaux in Nantes where a dedicated team of furniture designers create fresh and original pieces year-round exclusively for Maisons du Monde.

In fact more than 90 people work in our design office. Throughout the year, they monitor trends across the world to help create exclusive furniture and home accessories collections.

That’s what has helped us to celebrate our 20th anniversary as a brand with a difference which continually reinvents itself and a real source of style!

Havana Nights from the Maison du Monde Spring Summer look book
Havana Nights from the Maisons du Monde Spring Summer look book
As we move into summer, what items do you see customers starting to invest in? (and why?)

Garden Furniture! Sometimes the UK weather isn’t the best, but when the sun has got his hat on we’re the first to get outside and make the most of it. That means garden parties, BBQs and alfresco lunches.

This season a lot of our outdoor furniture has been created so that it is stackable and can be stored away easily. We also offer some really fun outdoor sets in bold pops of colour which are very reasonably priced.

There’s classic outdoor rattan sets too which are very sturdy and durable which means they last for years which makes them very popular.

We also sell sleek and stylish sun loungers which are very well received in the UK and don’t break the bank.

ST RAPHAËL 3 seater wicker garden sofa. £839 at Maison du Monde
ST RAPHAËL 3 seater wicker garden sofa. £839 at Maisons du Monde
What colour trends are you expecting to be popular for interiors this season?

A lot of it comes down to personal preference and we love helping our customers celebrate their own individuality!

Saying that, pastel pinks have really risen to popularity. They make up a lot of our boudoir trend which features pastel pinks in fluffy, shiny and lacquered textures and complimented by gorgeous golds and metallic.

Another colour trend is for sunshine yellows, they really bring a vibrant ‘pop’ to a room and can be a quick and cost effective way to brighten the feel of your living space without breaking the bank.

What materials do you predict to be popular over the coming season?

Our fluffy faux fur chairs, pouffes and stools have really caught people’s eyes! They’re so fun and add a soft touch of luxury to a room.

Copper has been huge and shows no sign of slowing, our copper pieces fit many different looks and tastes, from that quite industrial and cool look, to a very clean minimal look, as well as just adding a glimpse of something shiny and modern to a more classic room.

ALLYSON faux fur throw in pink
ALLYSON faux fur throw in pink. £41.99 at Maison du Monde
It’s been hard to avoid home accessories with a pineapple or flamingo theme – what do you predict as the next trend to overtake these?

The appeal of the humble pineapple appears to be eternal! Cactuses and succulents are becoming more and more popular too.

If we had to pick the next contenders to rival the Flamingo/pineapple though then mandalas, cockatoos, palm leaves and minimal geometric prints with metallic accents would all be in the running.

For someone on a limited budget, what would be your top tip when looking to update your living room for summer?

Pick a colour and add pops of it to your room. Powder pink or sunshine yellow are both great shouts. Then you can add a piece of wall art, a throw, a cushion, a candle, an armchair, a vase or a side table, basically whatever your budget allows.

Just pick a couple of favourite pieces and you will have brought new life into your room. If colour isn’t your thing, we would highly recommend a mirror to update your room. It can make a room feel brand new and totally different with such a simple addition.

MAURICETTE Solid birch and pink faux fur chair. £94.49 at Maison du Monde
MAURICETTE Solid birch and pink faux fur chair. £94.49 at Maisons du Monde
Moving outside, how can someone quickly and easily improve his or her own outside space so it’s ready for summer?

Grab your broom and give any old leaves or bits of debris a sweep away to make the space feel nice and clean.

People’s outside space can vary so much in size, but we’d always suggest a sunny flash of colour, whether it’s a bold folding table and chairs set for a city balcony or a gorgeous yet hardwearing outdoor rug and some big outdoor cushions for a relaxed back-garden BBQ.

Adding some big pots with some flowering plants can really make it feel like high summer too.

Pick a favourite piece from your latest collection, and tell us why you love it?

This mango wood sideboard is really beautiful. It has retro feeling mid-century modern proportions and detailing but feels very of the moment. It would make a great statement piece in a classic and neutral room but would also lend itself to being part of a bolder vintage feeling room with other pops of colour too.

FLORILEGE Gold Metal Feather Trinket Bowls. £41.29 a pair at Maisons du Monde
FLORILEGE Gold Metal Feather Trinket Bowls. £41.29 a pair at Maisons du Monde
Is there an item at MDM that sums up the Spring/Summer ’17 interior trends we’re seeing now?

This chair is honestly one of the softest things you’ll ever touch. It’s quite a fun, playful and statement piece but it perfectly captures the essence of our Boudoir trend which features pastel pinks, rose gold and plenty of luxe textures.

If you could design and accessorize a celebrity home, whose would it be and why?

It would be cool to work with Ferne cotton on a house makeover. We’re sure she has a beautiful pad anyway, but she also has a fun and individual style, she’s funny and she’s family oriented and we have some really cool products for little ones and teens in our Junior range too!

Mongo Wood Sideboard
Mango Wood Sideboard. £459.00 at Maisons du Monde

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