7 ways to make your house more homely

Improve your home on the cheap with these tips and tricks that'll turn your home into a castle

Your home is your castle. The most comfortable place for you in the whole wide world. So it is only right that you fill your home with things that will make you feel relaxed and at ease. Here we bring you 7 tips and items that could change your home for the better. Follow these steps for a welcoming and peaceful home, because a sound home equals a sound mind.

1. Enhance your entrance
Often overlooked but the entrance is the first place to improve in order to make your home more homely. Door mat’s can be humorous, welcoming and downright cheeky but a nouvelle mat will ensure you and your guests feel accommodated right before you even enter the house.

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A wreath is for life, not just for Christmas. This little detail will add seasonal charm and life to the inanimate object that is your front door.

Speaking of life, add some colour and vitality to your entrance with some plants. There’s nothing like coming home to the sight of your favourite flowers peacefully arranged outside your home. Plant flowers in the ground, display them in pots and baskets or even hang them, the options are plentiful. If taking care of your new friends seems a bit time and energy consuming for you, then why not opt for artificial plants to brighten up your home minus the effort.

2. Simplify your entranceway

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While the outside of your front door man be boring then inside can be totally chaotic. Left and right shoes all over the place, coats scattered here and there, oh and where did you leave your keys? Use shoe racks, coat stands and side tables to give some order to your entranceway.

3. Set the mood
You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference good lighting can make to your home when trying to relax. A dimmer will give you greater control over your lights allowing you to set the mood accordingly. Turn the lights low to for a tranquil evening by yourself or to set a romantic mood for you and someone special.

4. Organise and declutter
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Not all mess is bad mess. Sometimes the things you find lying around are much needed items, they just don’t seem to have a permanent home in your home yet. Chargers, TV remotes, magazines and so many other things can end up on the floor, spread across the coffee table or just in the way. Clutter equals stress, so it’s time to get things organised. Bookshelves, drawers and wall units will help keep all your unnecessaries out of sight until you need them.

5. A cushion here, a throw there

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A homely space is a comfortable one. Maximise your room’s cosiness with cushions. Go with a few large cushions for your living room and a number of smaller ones for your bedroom. Easy, cost effective and a guaranteed way to making your sofa and bed the comfiest places in the house.

6. Fill the air with your favourite scents
Filling your home with your favourite smells isn’t just a great way to personalise your home but also boasts many health benefits. One of the best reasons to buy scented oils or candles are for their aromatherapy properties. Brands like Village Candle and Yankee Candle will have you spoilt for choice.


All you’ll need is a small piece of apparatus called a Cino Votive and your choice of oil and you create a serene atmosphere that’ll elevate any negative emotions picked up through your day. You could also go for a glass scent diffuser for a more decorative touch.

Alternatively you place a number of candles around your home to create a similarly tranquil environment. There are a huge number available so experiment to find your favourite scent or even favourite mix.

7. Sleep like royalty
Ah the humble bed. Your never questioning, always reliable chamber of slumber. Show your bed some love by dressing it in the most lavish spreads and throws you can get. It’ll improve the look of your bed and improve your sleep.

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If you can, don’t just improve the look of your bed but the quality of it too. The key to perform to your best is a good night’s sleep. So consider investing in a new mattress if you wake up with stiffness, numbness or aches. You should also change your mattress if it shows visible signs of wear or is more than 7 years old.

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