Trendy Sportswear Every Gym Bunny Needs

Having the right sportswear can really make a difference to your workout. Check out the trendy sportswear every gym bunny needs.

With the new year comes many people claiming that this will be the year of change for them.

This is especially true when it comes to people’s weight issues, with many eager to lose those extra few pounds they gained over Christmas.

To help you start the new year the right way we have rounded up some of our favourite sportswear. It is all trendy, stylish and comfortable.

Having a gym wardrobe you can be proud of can really help motivate you to get out and exercise, as looking great leads to feeling great.

Check out our pick of the best sportswear that no gym bunny should be without.

  • Geo Print Medium Impact Sports Bra
    Geo Print Medium Impact Sports Bra

    Price: £12.00

    This gorgeous print sports bra is absolutely to die for.

    Filled with flecks of purples, pinks and greens amongst other colours, this vibrant sports bra will definitely help motivate you to work out.

    Not only does this sports bra look amazing, but it feels great too. Yes, thanks to its breathable stretch fabric and high level of support, you can be confident that this will do everything you want it to whilst you exercise.

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  • Space Dye Ankle Grazer Leggings
    Space Dye Ankle Grazer Leggings

    Price: £14.00

    These fabulous leggings are a sportswear must-have! They are made from quick dry stretch fabric making for a comfortable fit while you work out.

    These vibrant space dye leggings are not for the shy as they definitely make a bold statement.

    Our absolute favourite thing about these leggings though are the statement keyhole cutouts on the calves which add a bit of personality to the already gorgeous item.

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  • Racerback Vest and Cropped T-Shirt Set
    Racerback Vest and Cropped T-Shirt Set

    Price: £12.00

    If you want to keep a bit more modest while you work out, this racerback vest and cropped t-shirt set is definitely for you.

    The vest allows you to keep yourself covered up while the cropped t-shirt adds a bit of style to the look.

    The crop is also good for covering areas that people may be targeting at the gym such as their stomach or arms, making them less visible.

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  • Slogan Ankle Grazer Leggings
    Slogan Ankle Grazer Leggings

    Price: £14.00

    These ‘Positive Vibes’ leggings are exactly what any gym bunny needs to start the year right.

    The stylish leggings will keep you motivated by helping you look and feel your best.

    With a comfortable wide elastic waistband, you can be sure that any workout in these leggings will be as simple as can be.

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  • Contrast Sleeve Zip-Through Jacket
    Contrast Sleeve Zip-Through Jacket

    Price: £18.00

    This lightweight jacket is the perfect addition to your workout wardrobe, giving you that much needed extra layer when exercising outdoors or making your way to and from the gym in the cold winter.

    This black and grey zip-through jacket is both stylish and effective in keeping you warm.

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  • Blurred Print Leggings
    Blurred Print Leggings

    Price: £14.00

    These khaki-style black and white print leggings are perfect for those who are after something a little different.

    They are fun and fabulous, making it easier to feel and look good whilst you work out.

    You’ll be looking for any excuse to wear these and they are bound to motivate you to get moving.

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  • Padded Hooded Gilet
    Padded Hooded Gilet

    Price: £22.00

    This gilet is sure to keep you warm and dry as you workout no matter the weather conditions.

    Complete with a hood and secure zipped pockets, this gilet means there’s never an excuse not to exercise.

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