The Top 4 Alternatives to the Dyson Hair Dryer

Is the Dyson hair dryer a bit out of your price range? We've covered the best alternatives that won't break the bank.

The Dyson Supersonic hairdryer is undoubtedly one of a kind – there really isn’t anything on the market like it.

However,  we understand that a lot of people can’t afford to pay £300 for a hair dryer, even with Dyson’s interest free monthly payment scheme.

To ensure you still get the best quality hairdryer possible but at a slither of the price, we have rounded up the best alternatives.

Although none of these can claim to have the qualities that make the Dyson so unique such as its innovative design or speed, they are still some of the best hairdryers around, and more importantly, they won’t set you back £300.

So whether you’re after a lightweight feel or SMART touchscreen design, we’ve got you covered.

  • Ghd Aura
    Ghd Aura

    Price: £145.00

    Think Ghd and a pair of straighteners normally springs to mind. However, the new Ghd Aura hairdryer is definitely one to add to the wishlist.

    It features Laminair® technology which delivers a 42% more concentrated stream of air than its predecessor. This means you can work on one section of hair without disturbing the others, giving you exceptional styling precision and control.

    It also features innovative Cool-Wall® technology which keeps the outer casing and nozzle cool to touch, ensuring you can style much closer to the root for impressive volume.

    It even contains an advanced ionizer that removes static electricity from hair, so you can expect frizz-free, silky and shiny results everytime.

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  • T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i
    T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i

    Price: £194.95

    As its name suggests, this hair dryer is extremely lightweight, with an ergonomic design which helps to alleviate strain on the wrist for a comfortable drying experience.

    It uses T3 Tourmaline© and Ionic technology which helps to dry hair up to 75% faster than most hair dryers whilst also improving hair health and appearance.

    It even gives you up to 93% increase in body and 79% reduction in frizz, leaving you with the perfect blow-dry that will last all day.

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  • Parlux Advance Light Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer
    Parlux Advance Light Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

    Price: £115.00

    Was: £135.00

    The Parlux Advance hair dryer features Parlux’s innovative 2200 watt ‘K-ADVANCE’ motor which is extremely powerful, drying hair with unbelievable speed.

    What also makes this hairdryer a great dyson alternative is that it is exceptionally light, so much so that you never have to worry about getting a dead arm.

    It even boasts a built-in silencer to reduce noise whilst drying and a compact design which makes it easy to handle and great for travels.

    Utilising ionic ceramic technology, this dryer guarantees to leave hair healthy, shiny and static-free.

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  • Smart Ego Touch Screen Dryer
    Smart Ego Touch Screen Dryer

    Price: £109.65

    Was: £129.00

    This smart hairdryer is unlike anything else, with touch screen technology to give you a level of control over your hair like no other.

    Control temperature, volume, smoothness, condition and shine of your hair at the touch of the state of the art screen display. This is a hair drying experience like no other.

    It’s lightweight, easy to use and comes complete with a diffuser, three nozzles, and two sectioning clips.

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