Skin Care

5 Best Sun Creams for Healthy Skin

Stay safe in the sun with our round up of the 5 best sun creams to keep your skin protected and healthy this summer.

Although we all love a bit of sun exposure, shocking statistics show that the majority of us are not taking good enough care of our skin.

According to research by the British Association of Dermatologists, more than eight out of 10 people are worried about skin cancer. However, 72% have been burnt in the past year.

This is a worrying amount considering that the risk of developing melanoma – the deadliest form of skin cancer – is more than doubled in those with a history of sunburn.

To help you keep safe in the sun, we’ve rounded up the best sun creams to ensure adequate skincare protection.

  • Nivea sun cream
  • Ambre Solaire sun cream
    Ambre Solaire sun cream
  • Solait Sun Cream
  • P20 sun cream
    P20 sun cream
  • ultrasun sun cream

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