How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions are easily broken. Achieve that 'New Year, New Me' mantra with these tips on maintaining your New Year's promises

New Year’s Resolutions are the perfect opportunity for people to start afresh and attempt to make the changes they said they would a year ago.

As we usher in 2017, people are taking stock and reevaluating their life choices during the previous year. What were our proudest achievements? What could we have done better? What changes can we make to lead a happier and more fulfilling life?

We’ve made a few suggestions for lifestyle changes you make and are willing to even provide you with some helpful tips and solutions so that you stick with your New Year’s resolutions.

1. Lose weight and get fit

Getting Fit

Probably the main resolution made by people in the immediate aftermath of Christmas, a period marked by binge eating and drinking.

Given the excess people indulge themselves in, it’s no wonder gym memberships increase soon after. In fact, 12 per cent of all gym members sign up in January.

If you’re serious about getting trim in January, get your running shoes on and hit the park for a jog. If you need a pair to get, we recommend the stylish and comfy Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 5.

It’s always good to bring a mate along to help keep you motivated. However, if that’s not possible, how about an armband for your iPhone so you can listen to your favourite running playlist to keep you going.

There’s also the Fitbit Surge to help monitor your steps, distance covered, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes to help you review and build upon your fitness and lifestyle goals.

2. Eat healthier

Healthy food

Following on from getting fit, it’s imperative you not only exercise regularly but also eat right if you want to shift that holiday weight.

This can be pretty tricky as it’s always easy to succumb to the temptations of quick and tasty junk food. With a bit of determination and some good recipes, you’ll be able to develop good eating habits for your New Year’s resolution.

Try reading ‘The Natural Food Kitchen’ recipe book for some simple and tasty ideas for healthy meals.

You can also try adding more fruit to your diet by making great smoothies with the Nutribullet Pro. The perfect way to start your day.

3. Drink Less


What with the office party, family gatherings and get-togethers with friends, you’ll undoubtedly have pushed your liver to the limit. One resolution many will have made for 2016 will be to drink more moderately or to detox with a January ‘dryathlon’.

If you find the prospect of a month without alcohol a daunting prospect, you can always try alcohol-free beer.

4. Travel to new places


Once you’ve got your finances in order after spending a fortune during the Christmas holidays, one of your New Year’s resolutions should definitely be to travel more and experience a different culture.

Shopomo is the place to go for travel essentials. Whether it’s backpacks, plug adapters or travel guides, we’ve got you covered.

5. Quit smoking


Not only is it a bad habit but also a difficult one to kick. Not only is it harmful to your health it can burn a hole in your wallet.

This is a New Year’s resolution that’ll take a lot of willpower to stick to but there’s help at hand. E-cigarettes and nicotine patches can help you ride out your tobacco cravings.

6. Read more books


Given the fast pace of modern life, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to set time aside to read a good book.

Some people resolve to read 50 books over the course of the year for their New Year’s resolutions. However, it needn’t be that much. Cut down on your TV viewing and instead use that time to read.

Check out this list we compiled before Christmas to get some recommendations for some must-read books. If you fancy a gripping suspense thriller, we recommend you give ‘The Girl on the Train’ a go.

7. Be less stressed


Stress can wear you down, especially after Christmas when you see lay your eyes on your bank statements.

We all need to cope and relieve ourselves of stress. Try and create a chilled out environment at home with some scented candles. Maybe even grow a houseplant to add some colour and life.

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