Festival Makeup Essentials: Get the Glasto Look

festival makeup essentials glitter

From waterproof mascara to oh-so-much glitter, discover the festival makeup must-haves that will get you festival ready in no time.

There’s no denying that festivals are an experience like no other and quite frankly, you’ve not lived until you’ve experienced one.

With unpredictable weather conditions and lack of showering facilities, trying to look good at a festival can be challenging.

And while you want to look good,  you don’t want to spend hours making yourself look impeccable when ultimately, it’s unlikely to last long.

To help you decide what to pack this festival season, we’ve selected our favourite festival makeup essentials so you can achieve makeup perfection with minimal effort.

  • rimmel 9-in-1 bb cream festival essentials
  • madame la la bronzing ball
    madame la la bronzing ball
  • colossal waterproof mascara
  • nyx ultimates palette
    nyx ultimates palette
  • lip glitter kits
  • glitter festival makeup
    glitter festival makeup
  • simple makeup wipes

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