The Best Fitness Gear On Sale Now

Get in shape this summer with the best fitness gear - from treadmills to heart rate monitors - on sale now!

Get fit and healthy in 2016 without breaking the bank with the best fitness gear that is on sale now.

Whether you’re after a fitness tracker or an ab toner, we’ve rounded up the best fitness gear on the market at the lowest prices.

Here is the best of the sale.


  • Slendertone Connect Abs
    Slendertone Connect Abs

    Price: £142.00

    Was: £180.00

    Slendertone Connect Abs is a body toning belt that will help you achieve flatter, firmer abs in just 4 weeks.

    Slendertone Connect Abs uses advanced proven Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology, which mimics your body’s natural muscle movements to help you tone in no time.

    It is designed to sync with the Connect coaching app via your iPhone or iPad. This allows you to choose from a number of programmes from ‘essential toning’ to ‘post-natal’ that help you reach your desired goal.

    It’s so easy to use with just 30 minutes having similar effects to doing 200 sit-ups.

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  • MONSTER iSport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
    MONSTER iSport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

    Price: £39.99

    Was: £79.99

    Whilst working out, there’s nothing like listening to your favourite workout tracks for motivation.

    Monster iSport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are perfect for exercising as their Bluetooth wireless technology means you can have complete freedom when training, avoiding the hassle of fiddling around with your phone or MP3 Player.

    These headphones will stay firmly in your ears thanks to a patented SportClip design as well as sealing in all audio so you can focus on your training with no distractions.

    If these aren’t to you taste however, we’ve reviewed the best sports Bluetooth headphones right here

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  • Everlast X4.0 Cross Trainer
    Everlast X4.0 Cross Trainer

    Price: £269.99

    Was: £399.99

    A cross trainer is a great piece of workout equipment, allowing you to train your whole body at once whilst ensuring low impact on joints thanks to its suspended motion.

    The Everlast X4.0 Cross Trainer comes with 12 pre-loaded programs to help you get started with your fitness regime.

    This cross trainer is so easy to use and had 32 levels of electronic resistance, so you can build up resistance as you get fitter.

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  • Karrimor Pace Treadmill
    Karrimor Pace Treadmill

    Price: £249.99

    Was: £549.99

    If you’re not a fan of public running, a treadmill is the perfect way to get some exercise in the comfort of your own home.

    This is a reasonably priced treadmill compared to most on the market, offering all you need including a professional fitness computer that controls and monitors all operations from duration to speed to distance.

    It comes complete with 25 tailored pre-set programs that cover areas including walking, jogging and long-distance running amongst others.

    This gives you complete control over your exercise regime making it easier to tailor it to your personal needs.

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  • Fitbit Charge Hr Monitor
    Fitbit Charge Hr Monitor

    Price: £129.99

    Was: £159.99

    The Fitbit Charge HR Monitor allows you to track all-day activity including steps, distance, calories burned and heart rate amongst other things.

    It makes staying active and leading a healthier lifestyle easy. It records workouts allowing you to see real-time exercise stats and gives you automatic summaries on your Fitbit dashboard.

    This does everything you need, even monitoring your sleep patterns to help you improve your overall health.

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