8 Must-Have Healthy Cookbooks for 2017

Get inspired to eat better this year with these 8 must-have healthy cookbooks - helping you start 2017 on the right track.

Eating healthier doesn’t have to mean eating bland, boring food. There are so many amazing recipes out there that you no longer have to settle for a salad to lead a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to change your eating and lifestyle habits for the better but don’t know where to start, these fantastic cookbooks are bound to give you some inspiration.

These cookbooks will help open your eyes to a whole world of vibrant and exciting dishes that are so delicious, you won’t even think of them as “the healthy option”.

See healthy eating in a whole new light thanks to these 8 amazing must-have healthy cookbooks.

  • Lean in 15: The Sustain Plan
    Lean in 15: The Sustain Plan

    Price: £8.00

    Was: £16.99

    ‘Lean in 15: The Sustain plan’ is the third cookbook from Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach and helps people sustain results while still making progress.

    Joe prides himself on providing people with recipes that are quick and easy to make but still packed full of flavour – and boy does he deliver! If you haven’t got any of his cookbooks yet get them now, you won’t regret it. They will help you to shift, shape and sustain a healthy body and lifestyle leaving you feeling and looking your absolute best whilst never feeling deprived.

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  • Clean Eating Alice: Eat Well Every Day
    Clean Eating Alice: Eat Well Every Day

    Price: £7.50

    Was: £14.99

    Instagram star Clean Eating Alice’s latest cookbook will help you develop a healthy relationship with food. The recipes are all healthy, delicious and can easily fit into your daily routine.

    Great for any gym bunny, Alice sets out what to eat post-workout, rest days and also cheat days, providing some enticing recipe ideas. However, you don’t have to be a gym-goer to enjoy the recipes in the book. With everything from crispy courgette fritters with smoked salmon to Thai-style turkey burgers, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

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  • The Detox Kitchen Bible
    The Detox Kitchen Bible

    Price: £11.99

    Was: £14.99

    If you’re looking to start off the year with a real health kick, this is the cookbook you need. It comes from Lily Simpson, the founder of The Detox Kitchen and nutritionist Rob Hobson and is packed with delicious feel-good recipes which encourage good health.

    What makes this cookbook stand out from the others is that Rob explains how each dish in the book benefits your health. So whether you want to lose weight or get clearer skin, this cookbook explains exactly how to achieve these things.

    All the recipes are wheat, dairy and refined sugar free making it easier to live a healthier lifestyle. Expect everything from vibrant fish and meat dishes to scrumptious sweet treats.

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  • Cook Happy Cook Healthy
    Cook Happy Cook Healthy

    Price: £7.99

    Was: £20.00

    This cookbook from TV favourite Fearn Cotton makes eating well unbelievably simple. It is filled with fast, easy and healthy recipes that you can make even if you’re low on time or trying to keep costs low.

    From quick granola to veggie Shepard’s pie, these tasty recipes are so straightforward that anyone can follow them. You definitely don’t want to miss her Death by Chocolate Cake which is simply gorgeous.

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  • Deliciously Ella with Friends
    Deliciously Ella with Friends

    Price: £12.50

    Was: £25.00

    Deliciously Ella is the popular food blogger who believes in making the most out of natural ingredients to lead a healthy lifestyle. Her recipes use simple, natural ingredients in creative ways to make dishes that are just incredible.

    Her latest cookbook, ‘Deliciously Ella with Friends’ is filled with recipes that everyone will enjoy. There are recipes for every occasion from a fancy supper to birthday parties so that you can share the fun and enjoyment of healthy eating with loved ones.

    Never see healthy eating as a chore again thanks to this masterpiece.

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  • Super Food Family Classics
    Super Food Family Classics

    Price: £10.00

    Was: £26.00

    Jamie Oliver’s ‘Super Food Family Classics’ is filled with dishes all the family will know and love but in healthier, tastier versions. If you don’t want to faff around with ingredients you’ve never heard of before and want fuss-free delicious meals, this is the perfect cookbook for you.

    With recipes for chicken goujons, jumbo fish fingers and proper chicken nuggets, you can guarantee the whole family will love tucking into their evening meals.

    And if you feel like getting a bit more creative in the kitchen, you can look forward to trying out exciting recipes such as sweet potato fish cakes, sesame butterflied chicken, squash Mac ‘N’ Cheese and yummy chocolate porridge.

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  • Hemsley & Hemsley: Good + Simple
    Hemsley & Hemsley: Good + Simple

    Price: £20.00

    Was: £25.00

    ‘Good + Simple’ is the bestselling cookbook from popular health guru sisters Hemsley & Hemlsey. The recipes featured are perfectly summed up by the book’s title – it’s food that is simple to make and good for you.

    Whether you’re a cooking novice or a pro in the kitchen, this cookbook is jam-packed with 140 nutritious and exciting recipes that anyone can have a go at.

    From their energising breakfasts to fast suppers with leftovers for packed lunches, this cookbook offers recipes that make living a healthier lifestyle easy, fun and affordable. There are delicious everyday meals that everyone will enjoy from fish curry to chilli prawn courgetti.

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  • The I Quit Sugar Cookbook
    The I Quit Sugar Cookbook

    Price: £15.35

    We now know that sugar is the cause of many health problems including obesity and diabetes. Many people have strived to cut refined sugars out of their diets to lead a healthier lifestyle.

    If you’re going sugar free, this cookbook is perfect for making it easy and sustainable. With 306 delicious recipes from one-pan wonders to leftover makeovers, each of the dishes in this cookbook are satisfying and nutritious.

    And not having sugar doesn’t mean you never get to enjoy anything sweet. If like me you suffer from serious sweet cravings, you will love recipes such as the chocolate peanut butter crackles and strawberry cheesecake mug cake – so good you won’t even realise they’re sugar free!

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