10 Best Gifts for Fitness Fanatics 2017

Struggling to find the perfect gift for the fitness fanatic in your life? From fitness trackers to healthy kitchen gadgets, we've got it all.

Help the fitness fanatic in your life start the new year right by buying them the best health and fitness gear around.

Whether they’re more of a gym-goer or just enjoy keeping fit in any way possible, we’ve rounded up the best gifts to keep them on track.

  • Fitness Journal
    Fitness Journal

    Price: £4.99

    Every fitness lover needs a fitness journal to keep them on track and motivated all year round.

    This fitness journal provides the fitness fanatic in your life one place to keep their years worth of workouts and food planning.

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  • Flipbelt

    Price: £24.95

    Do you have trouble figuring out what to do with all your essentials when you’re working out? Worry no longer!

    The Flipbelt is the perfect place to safely store your phone, keys, cards, money and whatever else you may need on you while you work out.

    It has an interior pocket with 4 access points that you can easily and securely store your valuables in. You simply flip the belt inside out to lock everything in place so you never have to worry about anything falling out.

    Put this on around your waist and its design means you can wear this comfortably without it affecting your workout – you won’t even notice you’ve got it on!

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  • Bobble Infuse Water Bottle
    Bobble Infuse Water Bottle

    Price: £12.00

    It’s vital to stay hydrated and what better way to do with than with an infusion bottle?

    This not only filters your water, but allows you to infuse it with your favourite fruits or vegetables.

    This gives you some naturally flavoured water, perfect for detoxing your body.

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  • Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker
    Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

    Price: £79.99

    Was: £99.99

    The Fitbit Alta is the most stylish of the fitbit range.

    It has an OLED display and automatic screen activation meaning you never have to worry about wasting battery.

    It tracks activity, exercise, calories and sleep and buzzes after an hour of inactivity encouraging you to move.

    This offers all you could want from a fitness tracker while remaining trendy.

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  • Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Scales
    Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Scales

    Price: £84.99

    Was: £99.99

    The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale features advanced technology to precisely estimate your weight, body fat percentage and BMI.

    It makes it so easy to set goals and track your progress to help you stay motivated.

    Even better, your statistics automatically upload to your Fitbit dashboard via Wi-Fi so you can check your progress from your computer or with a free smartphone app.

    This allows you to get a more comprehensive view of your health and fitness as well as track your eating and exercise habits.

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  • Sony Smart-B Trainer
    Sony Smart-B Trainer

    Price: £159.99

    Was: £199.99

    Wireless headphones are a must-have, allowing you to listen to music while working out without the hassle of wires.

    What’s great about the Sony Smart-B trainer is that it is a music player and personal trainer in one. Yes, the B-Trainer will give you feedback on your performance while you train to your favourite tunes.

    It features voice guidance and will monitor heart rate, calories burned, distance, time, speed, space and gives you comprehensive feedback on your workout.

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  • All Sport Backpack
    All Sport Backpack

    Price: £75.00

    Forget ugly gym bags! Fashion meets fitness with this multi-sport backpack.

    This is designed to take you confidently from workout to work without feeling embarrassed.

    Yes, this cute little backpack is actually a sports bag but its stylish design means you can take it anywhere with you without anyone realising its got all your workout gear in it!

    It’s lightweight, durable and has lots of handy compartments for storing all your kit.

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  • Slendertone Connect Abs
    Slendertone Connect Abs

    Price: £130.00

    Was: £180.00

    Slendertone Connect Abs is a body toning belt that will help you achieve flatter, firmer abs in just 4 weeks.

    It uses advanced proven Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology, which mimics your body’s natural muscle movements to help you tone in no time.

    It’s designed to sync with the Connect coaching app via your iPhone or iPad. This allows you to choose from a number of programmes from ‘essential toning’ to ‘post-natal’ that help you reach your desired goal.

    It’s so easy to use with just 30 minutes having similar effects to doing 200 sit-ups.

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  • Apple Watch Sport Band
    Apple Watch Sport Band

    Price: £340.00

    Ideal if you have the rest of the Apple ecosystem, the Apple Watch Sport Band helps you efficiently organise your daily activities.

    You can use this to receive and make calls, dictate and send texts, track your fitness activity and so much more.

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  • Nutribullet

    Price: £59.99

    The healthy kitchen gadget no fitness fanatic should be without – the Nutribullet is the ultimate smoothie maker.

    Its nutrient extractors are specifically engineered to break down ingredients to their most easily absorbed form, getting as many nutrients as possible from them.

    The Nutribullet is unbelievably easy to use as you simply load it, screw on the lid, place it on the power base, and then press down allowing instant blending.

    You can even use the Nutribullet directly as a cup – so you can blend and go when you’re in a rush.

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