The Ultimate Easter Egg Guide 2017

Easter Egg Guide

Spend a little more on an Easter egg for your loved one this year, and you shall reap the rewards. Check out our ultimate guide to high quality chocolate eggs

They say that if you spend an extra £5 over the fiver average for a bottle of wine, you get a tipple that is four times better. And the same sweet, mathematical equation also applies to Easter Eggs.

Spend up to £15 and you’ll probably end up with an egg where more money has been spent on marketing than the ingredients that go into the chocolate and sundries. And while hyper-active kids with day-glo vision and nanosecond attention spans may appreciate the latest repackaged confectionery brand, if you want to make a lasting impression on someone you care about you’ll need to reach a little deeper into your wallet.

Then you’ll discover the delights of 70% cocoa content chocolate with not a trace of vegetable fat. Or a truly unique hand painted egg for the artist in your life. Or even the deeply indulgent delights of an Easter egg lined with genuine, yet edible, gold leaf.

So take a moment, sit back, breathe in that delightful aroma and survey our ultimate Easter egg guide…


Easter Egg Guide
  • The Colossal Egg
    The Colossal Egg
  • Dark Easter Egg
  • Splendid Egg
    Splendid Egg
  • Oeuf amande, Dark chocolate Easter egg
    Oeuf amande, Dark chocolate Easter egg
  • Green & Black's Tasting Collection
  • Dark chocolate ginger easter egg
    Dark chocolate ginger easter egg
  • Hand painted egg

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