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Baking for Beginners: My Victoria Sponge Cake Experience

An easy-to-follow recipe for Victoria Sponge for first time bakers straight from the Waitrose Mother’s Day hub

Have you ever heard the phrase cooking is an art, and baking is a science?

After my first attempt at baking a cake I can now confirm that an interdisciplinary approach to baking can deliver the soft, spongy, sugary results any amateur baker could hope for.

As a first time baker I naturally had many reservations about testing out one of the Waitrose recipes from their Mother’s Day hub, not to mention, baking in the office kitchen with the stream-of-consciousness commentary from my colleagues.

You may be familiar with the Waitrose recipe hub, which has a range of mouth-watering recipes: banoffee cupcakes, feather-iced biscuits, and macaroons, to name a few. Each recipe is coupled with a beautiful photograph that seems a million miles away from the chaotic and soggy carnage I feared was ahead of me.

With this in mind I wanted to follow a recipe that was simple, easy and quick, and to make a cake that will be enjoyed by everyone. The obvious choice was the ever popular Victoria Sponge cake with raspberry jam and buttercream.

For the Victoria Sponge recipe and other Mother’s Day baking ideas see Tasty Recipes to Treat Mum with this Mother’s Day

Baking with Waitrose
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    Step 2 Get into Character
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