The 5 Best PlayStation VR Games to Play Now

The PSVR headset has been out since October and that's allowed us to come up with this list of the best PlayStation VR games to play now

Since its release in October, we’ve had a chance to try out a large number of PlayStation VR games and have put together a list of what we think are the best titles available right now.

The PlayStation VR has been praised for making VR more accessible with its affordable pricing and large library of games. Trusted Reviews wrote that it’s ‘simply the best virtual reality headset you can buy right now’.

From remastered classics such as Battlezone or pant-wettingly scary games like Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, there’s something for everyone on the PlayStation VR.

Read on for our selections for best PlayStation VR games to play now:

  • Batman: Arkham VR
    Batman: Arkham VR

    Price: £15.99

    Finally a game that allows us to play through the eyes of the world’s greatest detective: Batman.

    Rocksteady has already proved it can create a fantastic Batman experience with the superb Arkham Trilogy. This game, however, focuses less on the combat and more on Batman’s prowess as a detective.

    Batman must find out what’s happened to Nightwing and Robin. After locating Nightwing, who has fallen victim to a brutal murder, Bats must begin using his detective skills to find the culprit.

    Arkham VR is simply a must-buy for any Batman fan picking up PSVR. It’s a short but sweet experience that’s excellent value for money at just £15.99.

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  • RIGS: Mechanized Combat League
    RIGS: Mechanized Combat League

    Price: £36.99

    RIGS is set in the near future where players pilot giant, mechanized athletic fighting machines known as RIGS. These challengers, and their teams, will compete in stunning, purpose-built RIGS Arenas located in major cities all around the world.

    RIGS is a fun, exciting and incredibly well-made first person VR shooter.

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  • Eagle Flight
    Eagle Flight

    Price: £28.49

    Eagle Flight sends you to the skies of one of the most visited cities to experience the freedom of flying and heart-pounding aerial dogfights like never before!

    We love the concept of Eagle Flight, where humans vanished from the face of the Earth. Wildlife and nature have reclaimed the cities, leaving you with a breathtaking city playground in Paris. As an eagle, you soar past iconic landmarks and dive through narrow streets in order to fight opponents and protect your territory.

    Eagle Flight’s visuals are gorgeous, with its beautifully stylized recreation of Paris. The game’s also ditched analogue sticks for masterfully implemented headtracking, Eagle Flight instantly makes soaring through the sky feel exhilarating. Using only your head to steer, the controls feel immediately intuitive.

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  • Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
    Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

    Price: £13.99

    This on-rails shooter sees you on a rollercoaster through a house of horrors where you’ll have to dispatch a horde of nasties.

    Playable with either the Dualshock or the dual Move controllers though it is, you’ve got to play this with the Move controllers to get the most out of it.

    Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a must have title. It’s a short game that burns out quickly but certainly burns brightly. The jump scares are frequent and terrifying.

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  • Battlezone

    A revamp of the classic 1980 coin-op game, Battlezone sees you take control of one of the most powerful attack vehicles in the galaxy: the Cobra Tank.

    Taking its visual cues from the film Tron, the game is set in a neon-bathed fr future where you must fight for the survival of the planet.

    Fun, chaotic and challenging, Battlezone is a must play!

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