Grab these Great Deals at the BBC Store Over the Weekend!

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Get £4 off any TV show at the BBC Store and check out great new BBC dramas, from Ripper Street to The Missing

The BBC Store are offering £4 off any TV show at their online store until Monday 13th March. Claim this deal now by using the code SPRING at the checkout. Please note that this code can only be used for one transaction.

If you’ve never used or heard of it, the BBC Store is a Video On Demand service offering around 10,000 hours of digital content spanning 60 years.

Purchase and download a massive library of TV shows. From old classics such as The Singing Detective to new favourites like Poldark. You can then conveniently watch them at anytime on all of your devices.

Also for all you Whovians out there, it’s 50% off Doctor Who Series 9! To claim this deal, enter the code TARDIS50 at checkout. An explosive series which sees an unforgettable encounter with Davros, the duplicitous Missy, a base under siege and a Zygon invasion.

Here are some of the great shows you can you can snap up now for an amazing price:

  • Ripper Street
    Ripper Street

    Price: £5.99

    Was: £9.99

    This sublime series follows the exploits of Inspector Edmund Reid (Matthew MacFadyen). Set in Whitechapel in the aftermath of the brutal Jack the Ripper murders, Reid is haunted by his failure to catch the infamous serial killer.

    Served by faithful Sergeant Drake played by Jerome Flynn (Bronn from Game of Thrones), both men must maintain law and order on the tough streets of East London.

    Dark, brutal and brilliant, Ripper Street is an atmospheric drama featuring a fantastic cast and compelling plotlines that bring a Victorian grittiness to the police procedural subgenre.

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  • The Last Kingdom
    The Last Kingdom

    Price: £8.99

    Was: £12.99

    The Last Kingdom is referred to as ‘Game of Thrones on a budget’. The similarities are certainly there: an exciting, brutal drama filled with compelling characters, bloody battle scenes and excellent production value. However, we feel this is a bit unfair as The Last Kingdom is an excellent show in its own right.

    Set in the late ninth century AD, when England was divided into seven separate kingdoms. The Anglo-Saxon lands are attacked and, in many instances, ruled by Danes. The Kingdom of Wessex has been left standing alone.

    Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon), born a Saxon but raised by Vikings, finds his loyalties tested as he tries to claim his birthright and help create a new nation.

    The new season of Game of Thrones is out this summer. If you can’t wait till then, The Last Kingdom will more than scratch that itch.

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  • Poldark

    Price: £2.99

    Was: £6.99

    It must be said that there’s more to Poldark than Aiden Turner’s shirtless scything scenes.

    Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner) returns to his Cornwall home after fighting in the American War of Independence, but alot has changed during his three years away: his father is dead; his lands are ruined and his true love is about to marry his cousin.

    Set against the backdrop of the sumptuous Cornish landscape, Poldark is a romantic soap opera dressed up in period costume featuring a charming, swashbuckling lead

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  • The Missing
    The Missing

    Price: £8.99

    Was: £12.99

    David Morrissey and Keeley Hawes star in the gripping story of a young British woman who is found collapsed on a German street eleven years after her abduction.

    Each series is a self-contained story, with one recurring character: French Police Detective Julien Baptiste.

    Tense to the point of being unbearable, The Missing is a well written drama with an excellent cast.

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  • Get 50% off Doctor Who Series 9
    Get 50% off Doctor Who Series 9

    Price: £11.00

    Was: £21.99

    To claim this deal, enter the code TARDIS50 at checkout.

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