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The 12 Best TV Box Sets to Binge Watch

Best TV Shows

Shopomo has put together this list of all the best TV shows worth binge watching right now. Has your favourite show made the box set cut?

With so many great TV shows to catch up with and so little time, which ones are actually worth watching? This is quite tricky endeavor as there’s a lot of chaff to separate from the televisual wheat.

There’s no need to fret though, as Shopomo is here to provide you with a handy guide to let you know the very best TV shows you need to be cracking on with.

We’ve got a mix of bona fide classics like The Sopranos, as well as underrated gems such as The Americans. Clear your weekend schedule and read on for the 12 best TV shows to binge watch:

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Best TV Shows
  • Game of Thrones

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