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The 6 Best TV Brands in the UK

Top TV Brands main image - Sony ad
Image courtesy of: Sony

We list the 6 best TV brands you can buy in the UK - from Sony Bravia to Philips Ambilight, start here if you're looking for the very best TV to buy

The TV market is a tough place to compete these days. Customer expectations on picture quality, screen size and features continue to rise, while price points stagnate or even fall.

This is obviously good news for consumers, who see their purchasing power boosted every year. But for the TV manufacturers the fallout has been devastating.

Famous brands like Toshiba, Sanyo and Sharp have stopped making TVs altogether, although they do license their brands to other manufacturers. While the remaining big brands compete aggressively on new technologies to differentiate themselves from each other.

So which are the best brands in 2017 for TV sets? We’ve listed the top 6 TV brands and identified their key unique selling points and the best display in their current line-up. Click on the Compare button below each brand to get every single offer on their TVs from a wide range of UK retailer. It’s the perfect place to start your TV buying decision…

Image courtesy of: Sony
  • Samsung TV
  • LG Super UHD TV Nano Cell
    LG Super UHD TV Nano Cell
  • Sony Bravia Advert
    Sony Bravia Advert
  • Philips TV
  • Hisense TV advert
    Hisense TV advert

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