PlayStation VR Review Round Up: All the Scores in One

Read our PlayStation VR review round up, which is out today! What are people saying about Sony's much anticipated VR gaming headset?

Read our PlayStation VR Review Round Up, your one stop shop for what everyone’s been saying about Sony’s PS4 compatible headset.

With a starting price of £349 and a great selection of games, the Sony PlayStation VR (or PSVR for short) is undoubtedly the most affordable and best value compared to its high-end counterparts: the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift.


The reviews have been flooding in from all the major tech publishers. Is Sony’s first foray into VR worth the hype? Scroll down to find out:

Tech Radar – 4.5/5

“PlayStation VR is an affordable introduction to quality VR. Many of the experiences aren’t as crisp or as immersive as the ones found on the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive but, for a system that uses a PS4 instead of an expensive PC gaming rig, I’m not complaining.” [Full Review]

Pocket-lint – 4/5

“Setting up the PS VR has proven a troublesome project, especially with Camera placement and calibration, and that is worrying considering it will invariably attract plenty of less tech savvy customers. But the pay-off at the end is a superb virtual reality experience – and an accessible one to many.” [Full Review]

Wareable – 4/5

“[The PS4 is] easy to get to grips with, practical, comfortable and you can choose your controller. The price is spot on, just about affordable for PS4 owners looking for a new thrill – and it really is that.” [Full Review]

The Verge – 8.5/10

“The key to making VR succeed is just getting more people to use VR. And with PlayStation VR, Sony has just made that a lot easier.” [Full Review]

Trusted Reviews – 10/10

“PlayStation VR is simply the best virtual reality headset you can buy right now. It’s cheap while not compromising on performance and quality. The headset is simply stunning and incredibly comfortable to wear, and the games already available are some of the best VR experiences I’ve ever played.” [Full Review]

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