Nintendo Switch Review Round Up: How Does the New Console Fare?

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The Nintendo Switch has finally been released and it’s getting the thumbs up from all the major tech publishers from The Verge to Tech Radar. If you’re looking to get one you’d better hurry as they’re selling out quick! Although they still have them in stock at Tesco Direct.

Most have praised the Nintendo Switch for its innovative design as it’s a games console that’s big on portability. The console itself is a tablet which you can take with you to play games on the go. You can plug it into its dock and pick up where you left off on your TV.

The stand-out launch title is undoubtedly the incredible looking Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Although the Switch has been criticised for its launch games line-up, Breath of the Wild has been receiving 10/10 scores from a number of reviewers including IGN, Trusted Reviews, Giant Bomb and Polygon.

The Nintendo Switch however, is not without its faults. If you plan on playing it on the go, the battery life reportedly struggles to hold for over 3 hours when playing graphically demanding games.

Its technical specifications also fall short of the PS4 and Xbox One. Don’t expect top-of-the-line third party games to reach the Switch and if they do, expect a degree of compromise in visual quality or performance. You won’t even be able to use media streaming services like Netflix on the Switch.

Given that it has a starting price of around £280, this is pretty steep especially when compared to the competition. There are also a number of extra costs – a larger SD card is essential, the Pro controller is recommended for home use, and an external powerbank is worthwhile for on the go.

Despite its faults, the Nintendo Switch is an interesting console that has a lot of potential. We can’t wait to see where Nintendo goes with it.

We’ll be sure to add more reviews as they come in!

Tech Radar – 4/5

“When compared with the handheld consoles that have come before it, the Nintendo Switch blows them out of the water with its graphical quality, which comes close to the last generation of consoles.

This is helped by its impressive screen which is bright, crisp, and colourful.

Providing the console with a controller that also doubles as two individual controllers is a very neat inclusion, and should mean that you’re never unable to join a friend for a quick multiplayer game while you’re out and about. [Full Review]

Expert Reviews – 4/5

“Nintendo’s Switch console hybrid proves that innovation is the key to gaming success, but games are currently thin on the ground” [Full Review]

The Guardian – 4/5

“The Nintendo Switch is a brave and fascinating prospect.

While the Wii U hinted at a dual screen future (and provided some truly brilliant games), this update truly gives us a strong standalone handheld platform as well as a home console that produces beautiful visuals and trademark Nintendo experiences.” [Full Review]

Wired – 7/10

“Nintendo Switch has the potential to be all things to all people: TV console, next-gen Game Boy, wacky motion controls, traditional hardcore game machine, even multiplayer-in-a-box. But as with most console launches, that’s a matter of potential.” [Full Review]


“In many ways, Nintendo Switch is what the Wii U should have been, and even reprises some of the best games in its catalogue. It’s a better built machine, sporting higher grade materials, an innovative Joy-Con controller setup and a gorgeous screen.” [Full Review]

The Verge

“The Nintendo Switch completely blurs that line between home and portable gaming.

Now I can take Zelda with me wherever I go — not some limited version, mind you, but the full console Zelda experience. I can play on my TV, pick up the tablet from its dock, and continue the game without skipping a beat or compromising the experience.” [Full Review]

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