The Best PS4 Bundles for January 2017

Get yourself a great deal during the January sales with our round-up of all the best PS4 bundles with prices set to fall

With the January sales finally here, there’s never been a better time to shop around for PS4 bundles.

The PS4 is the dominant console on the market and is currently outselling Microsoft’s Xbox One 2-to-1. It’s surpassed 40 million systems sold worldwide, but that didn’t stopped Sony from releasing a new version of the PS4 last September – The PS4 Pro. The Pro is more powerful than its predecessor and capable of 4K gaming.

Despite this upgrade, the current PS4 will not be consigned to the scrapheap anytime soon. In fact, Sony has told developers the PS4 Pro cannot have exclusive games of its own. All software must work on the older hardware. Games can have Pro-exclusive improvements such as higher-res textures, better resolution and improved frame rates, but they still have to run at an acceptable pace on the original console.

Read on for the best deals on PS4 bundles and discounts to help you step into the new generation of console gaming. We’ll be updating this article constantly so you don’t miss out!

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