The Best Portable Power Banks: Charge of the Light Brigade

There are scores of portable chargers available to keep your smartphone going throughout the day - but which is the best all-round power bank you can buy in 2018?

It’s one of the frustrating truths of the smartphone market. As phones get better, faster and more compelling, we spend more time using them.

So while everything from display resolution to processing power to camera quality have all improved incrementally over the past decade, one crucial feature has stagnated or even got worse: battery life.

Even the biggest and bulkiest smartphones on the market, with the space for the highest capacity Lithium-ion batteries, struggle to last for longer than 36 hours.

To plug this power gap, a raft of new mobile accessory brands have rolled out portable power banks – basically rechargeable li-on batteries that are light and compact enough to take along with you to give your phone some juice when required.

Portable power banks have become a hugely profitable market – analysts estimate that globally it will pull in over $17 billion (£13.2bn) in 2017. And there’s a lot of no-brand, low-quality crud cluttering up online stores.

A good power bank will deliver the capacity you need to reliably recharge your smartphone or tablet the required number of times while being portable and durable enough for day-to-day use. It also helps if the charger doesn’t take too long to recharge (most of these reviewed here require an overnight charge, some of the cheap and cheerful models take up to 24 hours).

Other desirable features include higher voltage outputs to speed up the charging process, the ability to charge a device while being charged itself (‘pass-through charging’) and support for superfast charging protocols like Qualcom’s Quick Charge 3.

So approaching like the cavalry, coming to the rescue of your waning smartphone, are the best power banks you can get in 2018.

  • Anker Powercore 20000 with Quick Charge
  • Zendure A2 Power Bank
    Zendure A2 Power Bank
  • Anker PowerCore 10000
  • RAVPower 26800mAh
    RAVPower 26800mAh
  • Iceworks 5000 portable charger

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