5 Drop Dead Sexy Lingerie Styles: The Edit

Get ready to bare (almost) all and discover our edit of the 5 lingerie styles to make your man go crazy

While the lingerie trend is in full swing in the fashion world, today we decided to talk about the kind of underwear that only a limited number of people are allowed to see.

Men can be fickle when it comes to giving you all the attention you deserve, that’s a fact.

A sure way to make sure that his full focus is on you and you only is to get innovative with your undergarments.

From playful see-through camisoles to adventurous fabrics, we select the styles which will drive your man wild.

Get ready to bare (almost) all and discover our edit of the 5 drop dead sexy lingerie picks.

  • Classic Styles
    Classic Styles

    Price: £69.00

    Why they work:Men love a classic

    Aubade Women’s ENSEMBLE CACHE-CACHE Floral Lingerie Set

    Think lace and silk, camisoles and bra and knicker sets.

    Classic styles are always guaranteed to be a success as they are safe, popular but they also make you look innocent (everything men love).

    They also guarantee you will feel sexy and comfortable at all times and tend to look great by candlelight.

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  • Satin

    Price: £33.00

    Why it works:If the French have taught us one thing...

    Baci Women’s Underwear

    Satin makes everything look prettier and sexier.

    The fabric is inherently related to lingerie so we had to put it on our list.

    Go for innocent shapes like this ensemble from Baci

    The lace inserts and bow detail at the front will awaken his inner naughtiness.

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  • See-through Everything
    See-through Everything

    Price: £231.82

    Why it works:The clue is in the name

    La Perla Primula Bodysuit

    Lace and mesh are your best ammunitions to look drop dead sexy.

    Lace is delicate and innocent while at the same time revealing, allowing you to play with the contrast of the two in the bedroom (or wherever you see convenient really).

    We think this bodysuit from La Perla perfectly illustrates our point as it looks classy with its embroideries and lace panels that would almost make you forget it is completely see-through.

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  • Revealing Corsets/Underwear
    Revealing Corsets/Underwear

    Price: £11.00

    Was: £22.00

    Why it works:In the era of 50 shades, anything goes

    Lara Waspie

    Corsets evoke tiny waists and discomfort but they look oh-so-naughty and sexy.

    If you’re looking to make your man go crazy (which we’d assume, you are) a corset with cutouts and inserts is your best option.

    This number from Ann Summers with its peekaboo caging give a new definition to ‘there’s more than meets the eye’ quite literally.

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  • Stay-Up Stockings
    Stay-Up Stockings

    Price: £23.00

    Why they work:The office fantasy is not dead

    Wolford Satin Touch 20 Stay Up

    Stockings bring to mind sexy secretary role play and office rendezvous.

    They are not the most practical thing to wear, as unfortunately they don’t tend to stay up very long.

    However, they look so flattering and sensual.

    As you will have to pull them up regularly, we would advise you to reserve them for date nights with your beau.

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