Best Home Gym Equipment for Toning

Want that beach body you've always dreamed about? Get ready for the holiday season with the best home gym equipment for toning your body fast.

It’s holiday season – and that can only mean one thing – it’s time to get that toned body you’ve always dreamed of.

In order to make this as easy as possible, we’ve rounded up the home gym equipment best for toning your body.

We’ve even included specific exercises to do using the equipment to get you well on your way to getting a toned body fast.

From medicine balls to ab trainers, we’ve got your every toning need covered.

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  • Ab Wheel Pro
    Ab Wheel Pro

    Price: £19.80

    Great For: Plank Knee-Ins Get into the plank position holding the Ab Wheel Pro between your feet. Then slowly bring your legs towards your chest while trying to keep your back as straight as possible.

    The Ab Wheel Pro is excellent for those trying to strengthen and tone their core and upper body.

    Unlike a standard ab wheel, the Ab Wheel Pro has a two-wheel design which offers improved stability whilst you work out plus the option of single or both arm usage.

    To use the Ab Wheel Pro, start on your knees and place the Ab Pro Wheel in front of you.

    Roll yourself slowing forward, allowing your arms to go as far as comfortable, then roll yourself back in constantly pulling in your stomach muscles.

    This helps to strengthen and tone your core as you need to keep your body stable and balanced as you roll in and out.

    The further you roll out, the harder your muscles work and the stronger they become.


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  • Jordan Medicine Pro Balls
    Jordan Medicine Pro Balls

    Price: £21.00

    Great For: Side-to-Side Slams Sit on the floor and lift your legs in the air to make a 90-degree angle. Hold the ball at your chest and rotate your torso from left to right, tapping the ball on the floor either side of you as you do so. To make this harder, lean back slightly to really feel your abs working.

    The Medicine Ball is another timeless piece of gym equipment, great for adding weight resistance to workouts.

    Available in weights varying from 1-10kg and a range of colours, Jordan Medicine Pro Balls are perfect for circuits and functional training.

    The Jordan Pro Medicine Balls can be added to a range of classic exercises such as pushup knee tucks and burpees to make these harder and help to tone and strengthen arms, legs and core muscles better.

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  • Core Fitness Plus Mat 15MM
    Core Fitness Plus Mat 15MM

    Price: £40.00

    Great For: Loaded Side Planks Get into the normal side plank position, but hold a medicine ball to your hip to create a harder workout. Using the Core Fitness Plus Mat will provide protection during this workout and ensure comfortability.

    A fitness mat is a workout essential as it ensures protection whilst you exercise, so it’s very important to invest in a high quality fitness mat.

    The Core Fitness Plus Mat is 15mm in thickness to ensure you are extremely protected during workouts; especially body parts such as elbows and knees which can be particularly vulnerable during mat exercises like planks, push-ups, side planks and sit ups.

    These kinds of exercises are all great for toning your body and by combining a Jordan Medicine Pro Ball into your normal mat exercises, you can add resistance and make your workouts harder.

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  • Jordan MILO Kit
    Jordan MILO Kit

    Price: £155.34

    Great For: Inverted Rows Lie face up with knees bent and feet on the floor. Then hold the handles of the Jordan Milo kit and pull yourself up until your torso is aligned with your shoulders and knees. Lower yourself back down, ensuring your body does not touch the floor.

    The Jordan Milo Kit provides you with all you need for suspension training and even comes with an instructional DVD and exercise booklet to get you started.

    Suspension training is a great way to tone and strengthen your upper body and core as it creates instability, forcing muscles to work harder.

    The Jordan Milo Kit is great as it allows you to train wherever, whenever you want as well as create a range of different exercise routines.

    The Jordan Milo Kit can be used to make exercises such as pushups, hand curls and lunges more difficult and is so easy to set up – simply suspend it from anything sturdy and you’re good to go.

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  • Inspire Folding Bench
    Inspire Folding Bench

    Price: £169.00

    Great For: Decline Ab Crunches Put the folding bench into the decline position and sit with your feet securely locked around the top. Then do a sit up as you normally would, raising your body all the way slowly up while pulling in your abs. To make this even harder, hold a weight plate across your chest to increase resistance.

    A folding bench is a versatile piece of equipment great for doing a range of body toning and core strengthening exercises.

    The Inspire Folding Bench’s extremely sturdy structure also makes it perfect for lifting weights without fear.

    The Inspire Folding Bench can be folded into the decline position which will naturally create tension in your abs before beginning any exercise, forcing the muscles to work harder.

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  • Ab Trainer Pro
    Ab Trainer Pro

    Price: £249.99

    Great For: Sit-ups Lie down, put your head on the rest and your hands above on the bar and pull yourself right up into the sit-up position.

    Ab Trainers are great for doing sit-ups which are extremely effective at toning abs.

    The Ab Trainer Pro will help ensure you do sit-ups correctly and without putting strain on your neck or back muscles.

    You can even add weights to the Ab Trainer Pro to increase resistance and make your workout more difficult, making your muscles work harder and tone better.

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