Christmas Decorations: How to go festive without going tacky

Avoid overdoing the Christmas fun this year with our tips and tricks to making the most of Christmas decorations without looking tacky

The time has come once again to cover your home in decorations and lights but how do you make sure your home is festive without looking naff? Here’s how to decorate this Christmas without overdoing it.

  • 1. When it comes to lights, less is more
    1. When it comes to lights, less is more

    Christmas lights are a must come the holiday period. A tradition we expect goes back through the ages to the dawn of electricity itself. However with all the options available, it’s very easy to fall into a ‘quantity over quality’ approach.

    Go for statement pieces like outdoor icicles or window displays rather than showering your house in a range of different lights. No one needs to see your house lit up from space. The simpler the better we say, to onlookers your house will have an easily viewable look, it’ll keep your electricity bills low and make it easier to pack away once Christmas is over.

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  • 2. The devil is in the detail
    2. The devil is in the detail

    Too many people believe their efforts jazzing up the home will go unnoticed if they don’t go big. Truth is, it’s the little details that make the big difference. Using candy canes as cardholders to display Christmas cards or photos is one idea. Hanging personalised baubles from the tree or even tying bows around furniture are other low effort, low budget ideas that are bound to be noticed. Subtly is key, it’s Christmas we get it, no need to shove it in people’s faces.

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  • 3. Have a colour scheme and stick to it
    3. Have a colour scheme and stick to it

    Just like outside you should choose a single theme that’ll dictate the decorations in your home. If you find you have mostly green and red decorations then stick with those colours. Having a mishmash of colours will look tacky so pick one, two or three colours to deck your halls out in and keep it that way. Festive colours tend to be white, gold, blue as well as green and red so you’ve got plenty of choice.

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  • 4. Don't overwhelm the senses
    4. Don't overwhelm the senses

    Another rule that applies to both inside and outside the home. Too many sounds, movements and flashing lights will do nothing but confuse your guests so try to keep the number of dancing Santa’s to a minimum. Outside have a good mix of animated and non-moving decorations, for every one piece that moves, flashes or sings try to have two that don’t.

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  • 5. Real tree vs fake tree: Make your decision
    5. Real tree vs fake tree: Make your decision

    Real trees vs artificial trees has been a debate ranging on for years. Both have their merits and both have their downfalls. It’s best to know the pro’s and cons of each before bringing one home. A fake tree may not give off that lovely fresh pine smell or look full of life but at least you won’t be sweeping up needles everyday.

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  • 6. A minimalist Christmas is still a festive one
    6. A minimalist Christmas is still a festive one

    There’s a huge number of modern Christmas decorations you can buy nowadays and we’ve already discussed having less is more. Minimal trees, ornaments and even cards can create a stylish holiday for you and your family and friends. If you’re not one to go all out at Christmas this is the way to go.

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  • 7. The tree is the centrepiece, don't upstage it
    7. The tree is the centrepiece, don't upstage it

    Always remember, no matter what fancy light display you’ve got outside or how ever many hours you’ve put into creating a beautifully set table, your Christmas tree is the star of the show. Dress it well and look after it. No one wants to go from a Winter wonderland outside to then step inside and see a thin, miserable looking tree. Invest in luxury baubles, a top quality piece for the top of the tree and all the tinsel you can get your hands on.

  • 8. Go Natural
    8. Go Natural

    Wreaths, mistletoe, trees. What do they all have in common? Nature of course! Take some inspiration from the great outdoors and incorporate in-season fruits and plants into your decorative plans. Doing so will give your home a classy natural look and if you opt for real fruits and plants it will make your home smell heavenly.

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  • 9. Add some magic to unexpected places
    9. Add some magic to unexpected places

    You could avoid the hassle of putting lights on your house altogether and try hanging lights from trees, birdbaths and other landscaping features outside. This creates a more natural look and will illuminate the front of your home in more of a charming way.

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  • 10. Add personality, your personality
    10. Add personality, your personality

    You can buy many decorations that describe themselves as quirky and alternative to traditional ornaments but if they don’t represent you at this time of the year, you’re missing a trick. Find decorations that have meaning to you and your family. This could mean making decorations yourself or pieces that represent your favourite things. Tis’ the season to surround yourself with things that make you smile.

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