Keep your car clean n’ shiny with these products under £20

Featured image: Bored-now (Flickr)

Shopomo puts together a collection of car accessories under a tenner that'll help you keep your motor looking marvellous.

Car owners should pay attention, as we’ve put together a collection of vehicle accessories under a tenner that’ll help you keep your motor looking marvellous.

From ‘Greased Lightning’ glass cleaner to magic putty, we’ve got some top-notch products, so read on and get scrubbing.

  • Autoglym Leather Cleaner
    Autoglym Leather Cleaner

    Price: £4.98


    In a nutshell: Treat your seats

    Help preserve the life of your car’s leather seats with this cheap but handy bottle from Auto Glym.

    According to the maker’s, this cleaner is made from a ‘neutral pH formulation’, which means that your seats will be kept in pristine condition. Treating your car regularly with the cleaner will also prevent seats from cracking, whilst freshening your vehicle at the same time.

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  • Greased Lightning Crystal Clear 1 Ltr Glass Cleaner
    Greased Lightning Crystal Clear 1 Ltr Glass Cleaner

    Price: £9.99

    Make:Greased Lightning

    In a nutshell: Shiny windows

    Improve the visibility of your windscreen instantly with the help of this Crystal Clear cleaner, perfect for maintaining your car during the winter months.

    Crystal Clear glass cleaner offers a two-stage solution to grubby windows, first applying a deep clean to eliminate dirt and then leaving a protective coating, able to repel water and dirt and keep your windscreen cleaner for longer.

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  • Car Vacuum 12v Wet and Dry
    Car Vacuum 12v Wet and Dry

    Price: £14.99


    In a nutshell: A handy hoover

    Every proud car owner should have a little hoover to call their own, and this 12v High Power Vacuum Cleaner is great for removing dirt from the inside of your car.

    The removable dust collector makes things simple and the device can be plugged into a cigarette socket, which acts as a power station.

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  • Meguiars G9524EU Hot Rims Wheel & Tyre Cleaner
    Meguiars G9524EU Hot Rims Wheel & Tyre Cleaner

    Price: £12.28


    In a nutshell: Make your tyres sparkle

    Meguiar’s wheel and tyre cleaner removes grime, brake dust and dirt with a unique formula designed to stick to surfaces for long periods.

    Using this cleaner from Meguiar’s will give your ride a lovely shine, so if you’re looking to turn some heads then it’s time to stock up.

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  • Car Cleaning Putty
    Car Cleaning Putty

    Price: £9.95

    Make:The Original Gift Company

    In a nutshell: Odd but brilliant

    This odd but brilliant Car Cleaning Putty will cost you less than £10 and helps to remove dirt, dried-on insects and brake dust from the side of your vehicle.

    To use the putty, dampen the surface of your car and then press the product against the paintwork. The putty can be used ‘for months’ and works well for cars, bikes, boats and more. A 100g bar of the stuff arrives with a clip-close storage case.

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