The 5 Best Sat Nav Systems to Buy in 2017

From TomTom to Garmin, there are plenty of great sat nav systems on sale in 2017. Take a look at our top 5 GPS routefinders.

From TomTom to Garmin, there’s plenty of great sat nav systems available to stop you getting lost this summer – whether  you’re in the UK or taking a road trip across Europe.

For those wondering why bother these day with a standalone sat nav unit when smartphone and tablets can match its utility – including turn-by-turn navigation, we offer the following reasons:

  • Mapping and GPS hammers the battery on your mobile device – you will need to factor in a charging cable
  • Sat nav units are designed to be mounted and are ruggedised – and if they do get broken are a lot cheaper to replace than a mobile
  • You will use up your mobile device’s data plan when using it as a sat nav – dedicated units have already downloaded the maps of the UK and other countries, which leads us to…
  • In areas where there is poor or no cellular connection, your mobile device’s navigation abilities will become flaky or will cease to work altogether

So with that in mind, here are our favourite five sat nat systems to buy this summer…

  • TomTom GO 6100
    TomTom GO 6100

    Price: £254.99

    Was: £299.99


    In a nutshell: The ultimate sat nav

    The TomTom GO 6100 stands at the very top of the sat nav tree and features a massive 6-inch capacitive touchscreen, 8GB of internal memory and a 2 hour battery which lets you use it away from the car.

    But perhaps the best aspect of the TomTom GO is that it’s all-in price includes lifetime access and updates to maps, speed cameras, and live traffic info along with unlimited data and roaming.

    The 6100 is a solidly built unit, and TomTom’s gorgeously designed maps and interface look great on the big screen. We particularly like the MyDrive feature that lets you plan the route away from the car on your laptop or mobile device and then beam the destinations to the TomTom over the cellular network.

    To conclude, the TomTom GO 6100 is the best standalone sat nav unit you can buy at the moment, but at that price we would expect it to be.

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  • Garmin Nuvi 52 Sat Nav
    Garmin Nuvi 52 Sat Nav

    Price: £89.99


    In a nutshell: Great features for a good price

    The Garmin Nuvi 52 will only set you back around £90 and boasts all the features you’ll need in an easy-to-use, reliable sat nav.

    The Nuvi 52 comes pre-loaded with maps of the UK and Western Europe, also helping you spot points on interests such as businesses, stores, restaurants and more. Custom POIs can be added to the system and Lane Assist guides you into the correct lane as you approach junctions and motorway exits.

    A 5-inch widescreen sticks to the inside of your vehicle, complete with a speed limit indicator and speed camera system.

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  • Snooper Pro SC5800 DVR
    Snooper Pro SC5800 DVR

    Price: £249.99


    In a nutshell: Top quality tech

    The Snooper Pro SC5800 sat nav system costs around £250 but includes plenty of tools and features to justify the price.

    This impressive sat nav consists of a gorgeous 5-inch widescreen in a nice, portable package. The device is tyre pressure monitoring compatible and is also able to identify upcoming speed cameras. Free lifetime map updates are on offer for buyers and the system has been dubbed ‘the most complete driver aid around’.

    Unlike the other sat nav systems we’ve mentioned, the Snooper Pro SC5800 also houses a HD dash cam, automatically recording to the built in digital video recorder and saving any incidents you may encounter on the road. Some insurance companies will also reduce your premiums if your car has a dash can, which is handy.

    Snooper SC5800 DVR is also compatible with Tyre Pilot, a tyre pressure monitoring system.

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  • Garmin HUD+ Heads-Up Display
    Garmin HUD+ Heads-Up Display

    Price: £113.99

    Was: £159.99


    In a nutshell: A Bluetooth beauty

    The Garmin HUD+ relies on your smartphone’s 3G / 4G connectivity to push information to a fancy windows display, providing information on your journey in a comfortable line of sight.

    Using the official Garmin app, users are given turn-by-turn directions, ETA and lane guidance, as well as information on current speed. Bluetooth connectivity helps to cut down on wires, which is handy for drivers after a clean dashboard. Setting up the Garmin HUD+ is done by applying the transparent film onto the windshield and placing the console below it.

    Garmin’s HUD app is compatible with iPhone and iPad, as well as some Android and Windows Phone 8 devices. The device can be charged via a USB port.

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  • TomTom START 62 Sat Nav
    TomTom START 62 Sat Nav

    Price: £149.99


    In a nutshell: For middle of the road buyers

    The TomTom START 62 rests in the middle of the company’s sat nav line-up and features lifetime map updates for western Europe and 3 months access to speed camera updates.

    Another new feature in this model is the ability to alert you if you are breaking the limit in the increasingly popular average speed zones.

    The START 62 features a big 6-inch screen, which with its decent 800 x 480 resolution is easy to view. It’s less easy to use as a touchscreen, however, because it uses older (and cheaper) resistive tech which is less responsive and doesn’t allow pinch gestures.

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