The Lego Batman Movie: Our Favourite Merchandise

In the wake of the Lego Batman Movie release last week, we’ve uncovered the best Lego sets that you or the Batman geek in your life will love

The Lego Batman movie came out last Friday and we love it!

Featuring the voice talents of the hilarious Will Arnett as Batman, the film sees Batman having to deal with a horde of baddies who have been rallied by the Joker in a bid to finally rid Gotham City of the Dark Knight once and for all. Batman has to contend with all this while caring for a recently orphaned boy.

Funny, beautifully animated, colourful, zany and surprisingly moving, it’s the best Batman movie we’ve seen in a good while. It currently holds a 91% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and we’d go so far as to say it’s better than any of the movies the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) have produced so far. The less said about Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, the better.

With the release of the Lego Batman movie, a whole litany of toys, games and other merchandise are now available. We’ve listed below a selection of our favourites, including some seriously fun Lego sets the whole family can enjoy.

  • The Joker Balloon Escape Lego Set
    The Joker Balloon Escape Lego Set

    Price: £11.39

    This Lego set recreates an early scene from the film, where the Joker sets off a bomb in a chemical plant before making a getaway on a balloon-powered backpack.

    For £11.39, this is a ‘pocket-money’ friendly Lego set which features 2 pretty nice Lego minifigs. Batman even comes with his trademark grappling gun which is a nice little addition.

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  • The Scuttler Lego Set
    The Scuttler Lego Set

    Price: £65.49

    Forget the Batmobile, the Scuttler was our favourite vehicle to appear in the Lego Batman movie.

    This imposing battle tank is well-designed and comes packed with a load of hidden weapons. For the collectors out there, it’s display-worthy and has lots of minifigs in the box – Batman, the Joker, Poison Ivy plus longtime Bat-allies Commissioner Gordon, Batgirl and Robin (in civilian guise as Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson).

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  • Lego Batcave Break-In
    Lego Batcave Break-In

    Price: £84.99

    While this is the most expensive Lego set to coincide with the movie, it’s also the most impressive.

    You have to protect the Batcave from the diabolical Penguin, who’s broken in with his goons and is trying to steal all of Batman’s secrets.

    This set includes a multi-tiered Batcave as well as two vehicles and six minifigs. It’s pretty epic in terms of scale and will take a good while to put together but it’d make a seriously awesome gift for the Batman lover in your life.

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  • Lego Dimensions Batman Movie Story Pack
    Lego Dimensions Batman Movie Story Pack

    Price: £32.99

    If you’re a fan of Lego’s ‘toys-to-life’ video game sets then you’ll be happy to hear there’s a new story pack related to the Lego Batman movie out now.

    The story pack contains an all-new Bat-Computer gateway for your Lego Toy Pad, buildable Robin and Batgirl minifigures as well as a Batwing vehicle.

    Band together with Robin and Batgirl and play your way through the entire Lego Batman movie. Stop the Joker and his team of villains in six all-new levels that perfectly capture the fun and mayhem of the new film.

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  • LEGO Batman Movie Key Light
    LEGO Batman Movie Key Light

    Price: £7.99

    This keychain comes with poseable arms and legs as well as an LED light. Simply press the chest plate and let there be light!

    You can get a Key Light for a variety of characters, including Batman, the Joker, Robin, Bat Girl and Harley Quinn.

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  • The Lego Batman Movie
    The Lego Batman Movie

    Price: £9.99

    Although it only just came out in cinemas, you can already pre-order your copy of the Lego Batman Movie. If you’ve seen it already, you’ll know how good it is. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?!?

    It was an absolute blast watching it on the big screen. If you own a Ultra High Definition Blu-ray player, we recommend getting it in this format for that razor sharp 4K resolution.

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