Where to Buy the Electronic ‘Happy’ Chewbacca Mask That Broke the Internet

The 'Happy Chewbacca' mask that took the internet by storm in a viral video and sold out everywhere is back on sale today - but hurry, stocks are shifting faster than the Millennium Falcom on the Kessel Run

The electronic Chewbacca mask that sold out across the planet after the video of a laughing US woman went viral is back on sale on Saturday June 4.

The Facebook video, which showed US mum Candace Payne breaking into hysterics after trying on the Chewbacca mask and giving a lifelike wookie roar, has been viewed over 145 million times. It made Payne an instant internet superstar – she most recently she appeared on The Late Show with James Corden and Star Wars director JJ Abrams.

It also made the £30 Star Wars toy rarer than moon rocks – at least for the moment. But now several large online retailers have announced that they will be restocked on June 4 and are taking preorders now.

The retailers are:

Hurry – they’re bound to fly off the shelves faster than the Millennium Falcon on the Kessell Run.

  • Electronic Chewbacca Mask
    Electronic Chewbacca Mask

    Price: £22.50

    Retailer:Littlewoods, Amazon.co.uk

    Get the electronic Chewbacca mask that has blitzed the internet and is harder to find than rocking horse dung.

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