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The Best Comic Book Video Games

Superheros are making their presence felt in recent popular culture. For many years reading comic books were seen as a niche hobby, though nowadays it seems superhero films are being released every five minutes. The recent release of Avengers: Age of Ultron is another entry in the already sizeable Marvel Cinematic …

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How to pick the best smartwatch for you

It’s official, the smartwatch revolution is in full swing. From celebrity sightings of Apple’s Watch leaving us green with envy to super funky ads from Google, smartwatches are the next addition to the ‘smart’ family of devices we hold dear. Wearables have been on the rise for a while now …

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The greatest music festivals in the world

Summer’s finally here, which means that festival season is just around the corner. Whether you’re a regular or a newbie, you can be sure to look forward to good music, sun, mud, shameless early morning drinking and no showering. We’ve compiled a list of the best festivals taking place this …

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The best mid-range Sim-free smartphones to buy in 2015

Best mid-range smartphones 2015

Mid-range smartphones are great: they bridge the gap between a brand’s most premium handsets and their most basic models. One step down from flagships and other top-tier devices, they may not pack the same heavy punch as their superiors but the improvements compared to low-end models can be vast. If …

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