Wine Not? 6 Must Have Accessories for Wine Lovers

All the must have gadgets and accessories for budding wine connoisseurs that'll help enhance the experience of drinking wine as well as the taste

Most people can enjoy a nice glass of wine, though not many can truly appreciate it. If you want to build your interest in wine, you’re going to need the gadgets and accessories that come recommended by wine professionals and sommeliers.

Develop your wine palate and appreciation of wine with these essential wine accessories that’ll help enhance the wine tasting experience. They’ll help with the storing, opening, serving and preservation of your wines.

  • Brabantia Classic Corkscrew
    Brabantia Classic Corkscrew

    Price: £7.50


    The Brabantia Classic Corkscrew makes opening any wine bottle a doddle with its extra wide body.

    It also has an open spiral with non-stick coating and a super-grounded tip, leaving no cork residue in the wine.


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  • Zazzol Wine Aerator
    Zazzol Wine Aerator

    Price: £29.97


    Incredibly handy device that ensures your wine will taste significantly better in seconds. Not only will you enjoy an enhanced flavour but a fuller bouquet and balanced finish.

    This Aerator from Zazzol aerates wine 3x more efficiently and effectively. You won’t encounter any of the problems associated with aerators such as overflow, leaking, dripping or neck fitting problems.

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  • Wireworks Wine-O Bottle Rack
    Wireworks Wine-O Bottle Rack

    Price: £43.50


    Made from solid oak, these Wine-O bottle racks are a stylish and practical solution to all your wine storage needs.

    They can be stacked, used individually or even attached to the wall. They also interlock, allowing them to be used horizontally or vertically.

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  • Haier WS49GDB Wine Cooler
    Haier WS49GDB Wine Cooler

    Price: £349.99


    The Haier WS49GDB can hold up to a maximum capacity of 162 litres, which is around 49 bottles of wine.

    It has a controllable temperature range of 6 to 18 degrees to keep your wine nice and chilled.

    The Haier WS49GDB also comes in a sleek, black colour and has an LED interior lighting and display. This is a quality wine cooler that’ll look great in your kitchen.

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  • Rocking Wine Glasses
    Rocking Wine Glasses

    Price: £20.86


    These novelty wine glasses have a rounded base that makes them rock and roll.

    Not only does it help aerate your wine, it’s also incredibly handy if you’re a bit tipsy!

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  • Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump
    Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump

    Price: £12.19


    The Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump creates an airtight vacuum that preserves your wine once the bottle has been opened.

    It’s incredibly simple to use. Place the pump on top of the bottle until you hear a ‘click’ sound and it’ll prevent any further oxidation.

    The Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump also comes in a variety of colours and is suitable for all non-sparkling wines.

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