Springtime essentials: Women’s wardrobe must-haves

With Winter officially over we bring you essential pieces that absolutely must be in any woman's wardrobes this Spring.

With the clocks adjusting for British Summer Time we can finally say goodbye to Winter. Although the cold still likes to pop its head up here and there over the next few months it’s safe to say the worst of it has passed. With a season comes a new wardrobe. Push those heavy duty coats and knitwear to the bring and bring forward thinner more colourful pieces. In this guide we’ll show you the pieces you’ll need to enjoy the Springtime in comfort, protection and most importantly, style.

  • Floral prints
    Floral prints

    With spring collections mean floral prints and motifs galore. Reflect the blossoming nature of the season in your wardrobe, there are plenty of blouses, dresses and skirts in beautiful allover floral prints.

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  • A Vibrant Scarf
    A Vibrant Scarf

    Push those chunky knit scarves to the back of the wardrobe and pull out scarves that are thinner, lighter and more colourful. Scarves in silk, satin and linen. This lightweight seasonal accessory will come in handy on the windier days and will add a shot of colour to your ensemble on the sunnier days.

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  • Spring loafers
    Spring loafers

    Having light weight, brighter and more versatile options in your wardrobe for Spring should extend down to your feet. A good pair of loafers ticks all 3 of those boxes. Lighter than the heavy weight dress shoes and boots you’ll wear during the Winter and versatile enough to compliment a casual outfit or dress up a formal look.

    Loafers pictured are the Vivier Glossy Penny Loafers

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  • Midi dress
    Midi dress

    The cold is gone so you can wear dresses again regularly, however it’s not quite the season for flowing maxi dresses. Their length won’t leave you embarrassed if there’s a sudden windy spell and they versatile enough to wear with heels or trainers in an office or a bar. Midi dresses are perfect for Springtime for so many reasons.

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  • Statement necklace
    Statement necklace

    Now you’re wearing fewer layers and not covering up to the neck, you can effortlessly flaunt some lovely neck jewellery. You can’t go wrong with classic a gold or silver piece but pearl beads, jewel embellishments or colourful charms will also boost an outfit.

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  • Denim jacket
    Denim jacket

    This is a timeless clothing item that should be sitting pretty in your wardrobe all year round. As the weather begins to warm up it’s capable enough to wear as a jacket or even underneath a light jacket for some stylish layering. Like the midi dress its strength is in its versatility.

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  • Trench coat
    Trench coat

    One of the most classic clothing silhouettes is the trench coat. Although the don’t offer the best protection from the elements, Springtime is when they excel. You can’t go wrong with a classic khaki model but styles vary greatly, a cool grey or even sleek black number will come in handy on those breezy Spring days.

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  • Cropped jeans
    Cropped jeans

    Loose but slim and cropped not rolled is our new favourite style for casual denim. Just as easy on the eye with flats, heels or trainers.

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  • White trainers
    White trainers

    Everyone needs a fresh white pair of trainers in their shoe collection and white trainers become a must have once the weather starts to brighten up. Although as we move towards full blown summer, it’s almost time to employ the ‘flashier, the better rule’ but before then some simple, clean cut whites will cover you for those Spring days where you need something more relaxed and comfortable than dress shoes.

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