Hole in one – The best home putting sets

Image: Keith Allison

Shopomo offers a look at the top home golf putting sets on sale, featuring the PGA Tour Office Golf Set and Riley Executive 3 Hole Putting Golf Course.

  • PGA Tour Office Golf Set
    PGA Tour Office Golf Set

    Price: £29.99


    In a nutshell: A good set in a portable package

    The PGA Tour Office Golf Set holds a special place in our heart as it’s the golfing set we use to procrastinate here at Shopomo HQ. As a result, this office golfing package gets our approval.

    Whilst the set doesn’t ship with a putting mat, the build quality of the club itself is solid, arriving in segments which means that it’s easy to dismantle. Two golf balls and a putting cup are also tucked into the club’s carry case, which is another reason why the PGA Tour Office Golf Set is great for carrying around and / or taking on trips.

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  • Shopinnov Inside Golf Set
    Shopinnov Inside Golf Set

    Price: £26.00


    In a nutshell: Great club, handy case

    If you’re willing to spend slightly more money if it means picking up an automatic ball dispenser too, then the Shopinnov Inside Golf Set could well be the answer.

    This putting package features a putter made of zinc alloy (which comes in segments), an automatic putting mat and a transport strap.

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  • Longridge Putt N Hazard Putting Mat
    Longridge Putt N Hazard Putting Mat

    Price: £21.34


    In a nutshell: A great putting mat, but no club

    Although the Longridge Putt N Hazard Putting Mat doesn’t come with a club, you most likely won’t mind when you see what else is on offer.

    This home putting set features a simulated grass mat with a mini water trap and bunker. When players get the ball in any of the three holes in the mat, it’ll travel through the return system and roll back to you. Simple, but cool.

    According to the product’s makers, this putting mat helps to improve ‘firmness of stroke’.

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  • Riley Executive 3 Hole Putting Golf Course
    Riley Executive 3 Hole Putting Golf Course

    Price: £9.99


    In a nutshell: 3 holes for £10

    Turn your home garden or office into a simulated golf course with Riley’s Executive 3 Hole Putting Golf Course.

    This putting kit comes with three mini challenges for players to create their own course at home, with the product said to be effective in improving stroke play and general putting accuracy.

    Riley’s offering doesn’t come with a club included, although at such a low price that’s to be expected.

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  • Ultimate Golf Practice Set
    Ultimate Golf Practice Set

    Price: £39.99


    In a nutshell: A great set of golfing goodies

    Valued at over £60, the Ultimate Golf Practice Set includes a 6ft putting mat, 24 Air Flow practice balls, a chipping net and anti-slice tees.

    If sinking those balls gets you in a sweat you’ll be pleased to know that this set also comes with a golf towel.

    The putting mat itself doesn’t come with an automatic ball return system, but it does feature some mini hazards for challengers to avoid.

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