The Big Chill: The 6 Best Beer Fridges to Buy in 2017

Summer's here and we feel the need, the need for beer. But not just any beer - it has to be an ice cold brewski. So we've tracked down the 6 best beer fridges you can buy to keep your cans cold...

Summer’s here, and along with the hissing of lawn sprinklers defying the hosepipe ban and the scream of feral hoodies riding stolen pushbikes, comes the welcome squish of a beer can being opened in the sun.

But the beer must be cold. And the fridge is chock full of meat and salad for the barbecue. So what’s a red-blooded, cold-beer deprived adult to do?

The answer is simple. Invest in a beer fridge. And here, for your cold beer drinking convenience, are 6 of the best fridges to buy in 2016…

  • Patio Life Beer Cooler
    Patio Life Beer Cooler

    Price: £369.00

    In a nutshell:The ultimate party starter!

    This is the ultimate beer/wine cooler cum party piece. This 57 litre capacity stainless steel fridge is mounted on wheels so it is easily follows the party whether it’s indoors or outdoors. The cooler also features twin side shelves to rest your glasses and suspended baskets to hang extra tinnies and bottles should the party stocks need replenishing. Every home should have one one.

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  • Tinchilla - Instant Can Cooler
    Tinchilla - Instant Can Cooler

    Price: £8.99

    In a nutshell:Tinchilla - Instant Can Cooler In a nutshell: Portable and potable!

    Yes, strictly speaking this isn’t a beer fridge, but the battery-powered gadget can chill a lukewarm can of lager to full-frost coldness in just 60 seconds. That’s about 240x faster than your standard fridge can manage. So how does it work this magic? It’s simply down to the laws of physics and thermal conduction. The Tinchilla (great name, by the way) rotates the can through a tray of ice in such a way that the fluid inside is sloshed about so all of it comes into contact with the chilled metal. It’s the same principle as stirring ice cubes in a cocktail. And best of all, when you crack open your can it doesn’t froth up!

    (Note: at the time of writing, the Tinchilla is on a buy one get one free offer. Cheers!).

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  • Russell Hobbs 45 Litre larder fridge
    Russell Hobbs 45 Litre larder fridge

    Price: £84.99

    In a nutshell:Versatile minibar wannabe

    First things first. We need to correct a common misconception – when they describe this as a ’45 litre fridge’ it doesn’t mean that it can chill 80 pints of lager. Sadly the internal area doesn’t translate to actual beer capacity. Now that we’ve got that cleared up, we can say that the Russell Hobbs is reminiscent of a hotel minibar: it is a shrunk-down fridge, complete with teeny weeny ice tray and a 2-level door shelf, the upper one handily sized for bar snacks.

    No doubt, bar fridge afficianados will begrudge the lack of a glass door and the precious lager-cooling space sacrificed to the icebox. But the little Russell Hobbs, despite the occasional mumble and pop as the coolant settles, does the important job of keeping stuff cold rather well. Its rated A+ for power efficiency, too. It’s always satisfying to know that our chilled beers won’t catapult us into global meltdown.

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  • Husky plain black mini beer fridge
    Husky plain black mini beer fridge

    Price: £142.98

    In a nutshell:Black magic

    Husky make a shedload of branded beer fridges – including Carlsberg, Stella Artois, Guinness and Budweiser – but we prefer the Kubrickian simplicity of the black model. (Plus we’re a bit OCD about putting the incorrect brands of beer into a liveried fridge). The Husky can accommodate 40 standard sized (440ml) cans of beer across its 2 shelves, keeping them chilled to a perfectly crisp 5°C. Which is enough to keep the Shopomo team occupied over a Friday lunchtime.

    The door hinge is reversible – which may prove useful if you’re a southpaw. All in all it’s a perfectly accomplished beer fridge – wine drinkers, however, should look elsewhere.

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  • LEC DF50B drinks cooler
    LEC DF50B drinks cooler

    Price: £118.95

    In a nutshell:The all-rounder (and the author owns one)

    The Lec DF50B table top drinks fridge is ideal for people who want to chill beer and wine, coming with a pair of sculpted wine trays that can hold 10 bottles horizontally. The Lec is one of the best looking coolers we’ve reviewed, with black panels and a cool tinted glass door. The Lec is one of the quieter models around, which may be a factor if you plan on using this where noise may be an issue (a student bedsit, for instance). Despite being quiet it still manages to keep the booze suitably chilled, for which we are always grateful. At around £120, it’s the best value all round drinks fridge you can buy.

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  • Marshall Amp Fridge
    Marshall Amp Fridge

    Price: £399.00

    In a nutshell:It goes up to 11!

    Rock music and beer have been bosom buddies since man first picked up a plectrum, so what better way to celebrate their enduring friendship than with the Marshall Amp fridge? Featuring genuine Marshall parts, including the speaker grill cloth and rotating knobs that – yes! – go up 11, the ‘amp’ opens up to reveal a fully functional fridge freezer.

    The hefty 124.6 litre capacity interior includes 3 door shelves and means that the fridge can store enough booze to satisfy even Motorhead’s rider. The sheer kitsch perfection of this product comes with eye watering price tag of £400 – but what better way is there to complete the feng shui of your man cave than parking one of these bad boys in the corner and resting a Les Paul on it?

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