Which Nutribullet is Right for You?

Nutribullet is now the must-have health and fitness accessory. Read our handy guide to help pick the right one for you.

The Nutribullet is one of the most highly regarded bullet blenders on the market right now. It’s neither a juicer or a blender, but rather a ‘nutrition extractor’.

As opposed to a juicer which removes pulp, healthy fruit and vegetable fibre is retained by the Nutribullet to maximise nutrition. With blenders you have to keep stopping in order to redistribute what you are processing. The Nutribullet’s vortex action ensures all ingredients are distributed evenly, ensuring that your smoothies and shakes have an even consistency. It’s the ideal tool to get all the vitamins and nutrients vital for your health and well-being.

There are 3 Nutribullet models to choose from, starting with the original  600 Series which costs around £80.

In the middle sits the Nutribullet Pro 900 which offers a good compromise between additional power, features and price, coming in at just over £100.

At the very top is the premium RX model, which costs around £200 and offers a larger capacity. It’s also more powerful and can be used as a soup maker.

So which Nutribullet is right for you? We’ve detailed each model’s key features so you can choose the right one for your budget and lifestyle.

  • Nutribullet 600 Series
    Nutribullet 600 Series

    Price: £59.00

    Was: £89.00

    Capacity:0.68 litres

    Weight: 2kg

    In a nutshell – Small, quiet and inexpensive, the Nutribullet 600 is perfect for those trying to get started on their journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

    It may be the most powerful model but it still has a 600w cyclonic motor that can crush ice and shred seeds, stems and skins so you can consume the unused nutrition that usually goes to waste in a normal juicer.

    If you want a compact bullet blender that won’t take up too much space on your kitchen worktop and don’t want to spend too much, the Nutribullet 600 is just what you need.

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  • Nutribullet Pro 900
    Nutribullet Pro 900

    Price: £89.99

    Was: £104.99

    Capacity:0.9 litres

    Weight: 2.5kg

    In a nutshell – The Nutribullet Pro 900’s more powerful motor provides higher RPMs (rotations per minute) which mean it can blend ingredients to a better consistency.

    It’s greater power means it has a lot of versatility as you can pretty much blend anything with the Pro 900. From coffee beans to pureeing soup ingredients, there’s nothing it can’t handle.

    At this price, you get an extra blade, containers, lids and manual which is a fantastic deal.

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  • Nutribullet RX
    Nutribullet RX

    Price: £179.99

    Was: £199.99

    Capacity:1.27 litres

    Weight: 7kg

    In a nutshell – The Nutribullet RX is the pinnacle of the Nutribullet range.

    Not only is it a blender but a food processor too, allowing you to make delicious and nutritious soups as well as smoothies and protein shakes.

    The RX is considerably larger and bulkier than previous models and comes packed with fairly hefty gear too. This includes two cups for making cold drinks and nut butters as well as a jug capable of steaming hot soups at up to 70°C.

    This Nutribullet is also powered by ‘SMART Technology’. This means that it automatically selects the blending speed that best suits the ingredients you are using.

    While it may take up a lot more space in your kitchen and cost more, the Nutribullet RX brings added functionality and convenience for healthy dieting.

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