Friction Free Shaving Subscription Service – Reviewed

Tired of shaving with cheap plastic razors? We review Friction Free Shaving - the company made to revolutionise the shaving world for good.

Friction Free Shaving is the UKs first ever razor subscription service designed exclusively for women, so when we heard about it we just had to give it a try. FFS founders Aidan and Briar were fed up of the glamourised, sexualised and unrealistic shaving products and adverts that exist for women and decided it was time to represent the real, everyday women out there – thus, FFS was born.

This fun and quirky company (seriously just go to their website for a few cheap giggles) know that no one actually enjoys shaving, but that it’s an essential part of many of our daily routines that we have to make time for.

They also know that many of us overuse our razors in order to get our money’s worth – to the point where we are using blunt razors that irritate our skin leaving it sore, dry and even at times bloody. And FFS believe that women deserve better. So their aim is simple – to make it cleaner, easier and perhaps most importantly, cheaper to shave without skimping on quality. They just want to make shaving that bit more bearable which we can’t help but love them for.

friction free shaving review
Their aim to revolutionise the shaving world is clear from the design of their razors as they are the first women’s razor to have a high quality metal handle which is a huge step-up from the normal cheap plastic us women are used to and makes the whole shaving experience feel a bit more special.

How it Works:

The handle comes for free when you subscribe to FFS and you will get the choice between three razor options – the Faye, Frankie or Samantha. All three offer a fabulous shaving experience with the only real difference between them being the number of blade heads they have.

Once you have ‘Chosen your Shaviour’, you’ll receive 4 pivot head blades a month which you are to change weekly in order to guarantee the cleanest, smoothest and most hygienic shave possible – no more rusty, gross razors for your skin! And the best thing about FFS is that their subscriptions start from as little as £3 a month and cost no more than £7 for their most luxurious razor which is still an absolute bargain!

So now we have raved on and on (and on) about how much we love the premise of FFS, here is our review of all 3 of their razors and shaving cream…

  • Faye Razor
    Faye Razor

    I tried the Faye razor first – this is the cheapest of the three, costing only £3 a month with 2 blades. When I received it, I opened my package to find a luxurious white metal handle which looked really smart. “Okay, it looks fab, but what more than your standard razor can it really do?” I thought to myself as I went to use it. Well, how sheepish I felt when I put it to the test.

    It was so much better than any shaving experience I’ve had before – it was so easy to use, giving me a super smooth, super clean shave with no chance of cuts thanks to the lubricating strip. It just moved along my skin effortlessly and didn’t going over the same areas thanks to its shallow pivot head which allowed me to get up close and personal as I shaved.

    Overall, the Faye is a brilliant razor and the fact that it is the cheapest subscription of the three really surprised me as it felt like a top-end product. If you’re strapped for cash, this razor really is worth the £3 a month and will save you a fortune in the long-run.

  • Frankie Razor
    Frankie Razor

    The next one to try was the mid-range razor of the three – the Frankie. This costs £5 a month and is complete with three ceramic coated blades which provide an extra smooth glide. Being a girly-girl, this gorgeous pink colour was just perfect and made me more excited to use this product.

    Unlike your traditional shaver that has an arched neck, the Frankie has a straight neck which allows it to make greater contact with the skin as you shave, providing the closest, cleanest shave imaginable. Its wide soft rubber guard helps lift your hairs up so you can always shave as close to the root as possible, giving longer-lasting results.

    It has a heavy weight feel that gives you amazing control as you shave and a full 90-degree pivot head so you can be sure you never miss a spot as it contours your body form. It also has a Vitamin E lubricating strip that moisturizes the skin as you shave ensuring it remains as smooth and protected as possible. Therefore, you never have to worry about dry, scaly skin which can sometimes be a problem when you shave often.

    Overall, this razor will provide you with a flawlessly smooth shave that not only lasts longer but also leaves your skin silky soft and in prime condition.

  • Samantha Razor
    Samantha Razor

    After trying the first two razors, I really didn’t know what to expect from the Samantha but when I opened this razor, it was clear that this was the most premium of the three from its 5 blades, vitamin E lubricating strip and most obviously, its luxurious gold colour. Indeed, I was the envy of all the other women in my household when I left this bad boy in the shower.

    Just like the Frankie, this razor has a straight neck which makes it unbelievably easy to use. You can literally see exactly what you are doing so it is practically impossible to miss a spot. It also has a wide rubber bar that lifts hairs, giving you the closest shave possible.

    I used this razor to tackle areas that are notoriously difficult to shave and found I had no trouble whatsoever reaching every nook and cranny – this was partly down to its guard trimmer which is made specifically to neaten up hard to reach spots. It was just so easy to manoeuvre around the contours of my body. A shave that would normally take me 10 minutes took just 5 and did not even need going over!

    It’s safe to say I was extremely pleased with the smooth, soft-to-touch results which were comparable to a wax – minus the pain! Yes, this razor is seriously impressive and I would definitely recommend it if you are after silky smooth results that last a few days.

  • Shaving Cream
    Shaving Cream

    I’m not normally one for shaving creams as I usually find them to be a waste of money – opting to just lather myself in foamy body wash to do the job. However, the newly released FFS shaving cream is definitely something to shout about.

    Unlike most shaving creams for women, this is transparent when you put it on so you can actually see the hairs as you shave rather than relying on guesswork which makes life soooo much easier.

    The shaving cream contains Manuka honey, Shea butter and Coconut oil so not only does it smell absolutely gorgeous, it is also completely natural containing no harmful chemicals that damage or irritate skin. Instead this nourishes, moisturises, hydrates and protects skin so you can always guarantee moisture is locked into skin keeping it smooth, soft and healthy.

    Perhaps the best thing about this shaving cream though is that it has a unique ground-breaking cationic formula that softens hair, reduces friction and improves the razor’s ability to glide along the skin, resulting in a closer, longer-lasting shave. Indeed, this improves the already amazing results of the razors, helping to ensure your shave is as smooth and long-lasting as possible.

  • Overall...

    Having tried all of Friction Free Shaving’s products I can tell you they are to DIE for. The luxury they give you is something you never thought you could get from shaving. You’re always left silky smooth and there is never a risk of cutting yourself as the blades are of such a high quality and are to be changed weekly.

    I would love if they were to come out with a stylish holder to attach your razor to the wall so it can have pride of place in the shower – but maybe that’s the next thing we can expect from Friction Free Shaving.

    My only real complaint though? Why didn’t they invent these sooner?!

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