7 Alcoholic Gift Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is upon us and it's time to indulge on a glass or two. These alcoholic gift ideas are perfect for any drink lover this holiday.

Most drink lovers are probably used to getting a bottle of their favourite alcoholic beverage over the festive season, and while they’re bound to appreciate it, it can be a bit of a boring gift.

To help you be a little bit more original this year, we’ve rounded up our favourite alcoholic gifts ideas for drink lovers this Christmas.

From a personalised marble wine cooler to a cocktail making masterclass, check out our pick of the best alcoholic gift ideas for Christmas.

  • Wine Bottle Glass
    Wine Bottle Glass

    Price: £13.99

    This is the perfect gift for any true wine lover out there.

    This glass is shaped like a wine bottle and says ‘Finally! A wine glass that fits my needs!’

    It is a fun gift, great for those who enjoy (more than!) a few glasses.

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  • Light Bulb Glass Set
    Light Bulb Glass Set

    Price: £14.99

    These quirky light bulb drinking glasses are great for those who like something a bit different.

    They have a flat base that allows them to stand safely while still looking like light bulbs.

    They each feature a reusable straw that fits neatly into the opening at the top.

    These are sealed with a screw light bulb lid so you never have to fear spillage.

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  • The Gin and Tonic Board
    The Gin and Tonic Board

    Price: £45.00

    This board is perfect for the gin lover in your life!

    This chunky board is perfect for slicing your G&T additions so you can enjoy your drink exactly how you want it.

    Even better, you can personalise this board with the name of your G&T fanatic loved one or just have the G&T initials which say it all.

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  • Personalised Marble Wine Cooler
    Personalised Marble Wine Cooler

    Price: £69.00

    This classy marble wine cooler is perfect for chilling wine or champagne at the dinner table.

    With no need for ice, this is clean and easy to use as the temperature of the marble stone gives this its natural ability to stay cold.

    It looks gorgeous as it is but if you want to make it an extra special gift for a loved one, you can easily engrave this cooler.

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  • 'Save Water Drink Wine' Tea Towel
    'Save Water Drink Wine' Tea Towel

    Price: £9.99

    This ‘Save Water Drink Water’tea towel is not only a nice kitchen accessory but will also provide a few cheap laughs!

    This is witty, fun and useful.

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  • Conundrum Decanter & Glass Set
    Conundrum Decanter & Glass Set

    Price: £38.99

    This conundrum decanter adds a bit of character to any home. Not only is its unique design very stylish, but it also helps to improve the flavour and aroma of your wine for a more indulgent experience.

    It comes with four glasses so is perfect for a few drinks with friends.

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  • Cocktail Making Masterclass For Two
    Cocktail Making Masterclass For Two

    Price: £90.00

    The perfect gift for those who love a good cocktail – this cocktail making masterclass gives you the opportunity to learn to make some amazing cocktails.

    Enjoy a glass of bubbles and purple salted caramel popcorn whilst you pimp and shake cocktails with editable glitter, flowers, vibrant ice cubes and much more.

    This is a fun class for two, where you not only get to indulge on some tasty cocktails but also learn some useful skills making you a cocktail pro.

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