Father’s Day 2016: 10 Brilliant Presents to Delight Dad

Dad is well chuffed with his Light Sabre barbecue tongs

Get your dad something special this Father's Day as we discover the best gifts, gadgets and gear to make it an extra special present

Father’s Day 2016 takes place on Sunday June 19 so now is the best time to order the perfect present to delight your dad.

We’ve picked 10 cracking Father’s Day presents across a range of price points that should surprise and delight even the grumpiest of dads.

So without further fanfare, here’s our ultimate guide to the best presents to buy for dad this Father’s Day.

  • Mahabis Slippers
    Mahabis Slippers

    Price: £59.00


    Mahabis’ mission statement is to reinvent the humble slipper – and with prices starting at £59 a pair, it has certainly taken a revolutionary approach to slipper prices.

    But you do get a better breed of slipper, with detachable soles, breathable uppers and contemporary designs. You can wear Mahabis inside or outdoors, and they come in classic and summer varieties (the classic has a woollen lining).

    If your dad is a true slipper connoisseur, then a pair of Mahabis will be the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

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  • Star Wars Light Sabre Bottle Opener
    Star Wars Light Sabre Bottle Opener

    Price: £11.65

    Was: £12.95


    Sometimes you only have to write out the product title to know it’s going to be awesome. To quote one online review of this device: “It is a light sabre that opens beer, what’s not to like?”.

    Not only that, but when you open the bottle of beer, the light sabre makes a loud, authentic ‘swoosh’ sound. This present is so great, you’re going to have to buy 2 of them for Father’s day. “OK Darth, you’re my father. But it’s my turn to crack open the beers…”

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  • John Lewis Chrome Shaving Set
    John Lewis Chrome Shaving Set

    Price: £45.00

    Retailer: John Lewis

    Dads like to shave with a bit of style, and this chrome shaving set from John Lewis certainly has plenty of that. The matching brush, bowl and Gillette Mach 3-compatible razor look the business. Why not throw in some Sandalwood shaving soap from Mühle (£10) for the full shaving Monty? A very smooth present indeed.

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  • Star Trek Original Phaser Universal Remote Control
    Star Trek Original Phaser Universal Remote Control

    Price: £119.95


    Can something be too cool for dad? This Star Trek Phaser universal remote strokes the geek G-spot in so many ways. Its official licence from CBS Studios means that the product was 3D modelled from an original prop – and features 10 of the exact phaser sound effects used in the TV series and movies.

    The remote control is not only programmable but can recognise gestures – 9 in total which in combination with the trigger and rotation selector combine to control 36 different functions.

    The replica comes in 2 parts, the original small phaser Mark 1 (which looks like a 60s ancestor of today’s TV remote) and the pistol gripped Mark 2. Both parts can be used separately or docked together.

    The final father’s day flourishes are the fact that it provides tactile feedback and LED muzzle flashes when in use. Mum will be grateful that there is a silent ‘stealth’ mode, too. Oh and nifty presentation case to hide it away when Dad’s out of the house.

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  • Anki Overdrive Starter Kit
    Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

    Price: £149.99


    Your dad probably has fond, rose-tinted memories of Scalextric slot car racing back in the day. But has conveniently forgotten the frustration of burnt out cars, impossible corners, won-out brushes and elusive breaks in the track electrical connection that typified a Scalextric session in the 70s and 80s.

    Anki takes the fun of competitive model car racing and adds wonderful new layers of smartphone savvy. The cars now have sensors and cameras that let them ‘learn’ the track layout, so giving you more options such as weapons and countermeasures rather than just concentrating on cornering. Everything controlled via Bluetooth from your iOS or Android device.

    You can also have computer-controlled NPC cars to add extra fun to the father-son bonding or even allow solo practice.

    This upgraded Anki Overdrive – allows you to roll your own tracks from various corners and straights. Just like old school Scalextric. This will be the gift that keeps on giving – for both you and your lucky dad.

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  • Philips HD 3620/25 PerfectDraft Beer dispenser
    Philips HD 3620/25 PerfectDraft Beer dispenser

    Price: £220.00


    Imagine perfectly chilled and poured draft beer, literally on tap in your living room. That’s what the Perfect Draft system, developed by Philips and InBev, promises. And it delivers – at a price.

    The HD 3620/25 will only work with bespoke 6-litre kegs, so forget about the 5-litre ones you can pick up down the supermarket for a tenner. The Perfect Draft kegs will set you back £30 or more, plus delivery. Which means your perfect pint will cost you upwards of £3 a pop.

    (You can buy 4 kegs at a time and save a bit more – but at £100 including delivery it’s still far from cheap).

    Still, quality costs. And this is certainly top quality quaffing. But remember to pre-chill your beer kegs – otherwise it’s a 12-16-hour wait to chill the beer to the required 3-degrees.

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  • 'I Am Your Father' Darth Vader T-shirt
    'I Am Your Father' Darth Vader T-shirt

    Price: £12.99

    Was: £16.00


    If your dad is a Star Wars fan, then we’ve found the perfect Father’s Day present. This official Star Wars merchandise features Darth Vader’s classic line from The Empire Strikes Back: “I am your father!”

    PS: if you are called Luke or Leia, this present is an absolute no-brainer for Father’s Day.

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  • How it Works Ladybird Book: The Dad
    How it Works Ladybird Book: The Dad

    Price: £6.99

    Retailer: Temptation Gifts

    The classic Ladybird books of the 60s and 70s have been updated by Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris in a slyly funny series called Ladybirds for Grown Ups.

    Featuring authentically retro illustrations and cheekily amusing text that deconstructs the role of a 21st century father, this makes a perfect Father’s Day present that will take pride of place in the smallest room in the house.

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  • Bowers & Wilkins A5 Airplay Speaker
    Bowers & Wilkins A5 Airplay Speaker

    Price: £249.99

    Retailer: John Lewis

    This AirPlay-compatible speaker from B&W isn’t cheap – although you can get a reconditioned model from John Lewis for £250 – but you get what you pay for.

    The build quality is exemplary, from the pleasing heft to the cool brushed aluminium – and the sound quality is even better. Expect to be surprised and delighted by the sonic range and clarity that the A5 delivers – although if you push them too loud you will hear some rattling and popping.

    Our only caveat is that the set-up is a bit hit and miss, especially if you have a congested WiFi environment. Truly loving sons can buy their dad multiple speakers for a full multiroom experience. That will get you pride of place in the Last Will and Testament.

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  • Star Wars Light Sabre Barbecue Tongs
    Star Wars Light Sabre Barbecue Tongs

    Price: £24.99


    Turn your burgers and buns to the Dark Side with these absolutely brilliant light sabre barbecue tongs. Made of metal with a heat-proof plastic handle, these BBQ tongs are the same shape and size as a proper, Dark Lord of the Sith’s light sabre.

    Best of all is that the tongs make authentic light sabre swooshing sounds as you poke, prod and turn your meat. Father’s Day, and the rest of the barbecue season, sorted.

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