6 of the Best Scotches You Need to Try

Are you a beginner to Scotch? Shopomo is on hand to provide you with a guide to some great whiskies you need to get you started

There are a number of different Scotch whiskies all with their own flavours and aromas. We’ve provided a selection that are sure to go down a treat:

What is a Malt Whisky?

Malt whisky is the ‘proper’ whisky of Scotland and is distilled from a fermented mash made from malted barley.

A single malt whisky is one that comes from a single distillery. You also have blended whiskies which are the product of mixing one or more higher-quality straight or single malt whiskies with less expensive spirits and other ingredients.

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  • Isle of Jura Superstition
    Isle of Jura Superstition

    Price: £32.89

    Isle of Jura is a ‘wild’ whisky that’s matured in bourbon casks.

    Superstition comprises 13 per cent heavily peated malt that has been aged for up to 21 years, delivering a whisky with gentle peat aromas and a hint of salt and smoke.

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  • Monkey Shoulder 
    Monkey Shoulder 

    Price: £24.79

    Monkey Shoulder is a mix of three different Single Malts – Glenfiddich, Balvenie and Kininvie – making it the world’s first ‘triple malt’.

    Smooth, sweet, very easy to drink and with a refreshing aftertaste, Monkey Shoulder is great with mixers or just on its own.


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  • Timorous Beastie
    Timorous Beastie

    Price: £36.99

    This highland malt is a nod to one of Burns’ poems ‘To A Mouse’. It has a sweet, honeyed palate that’s rounded off by dried fruit, fudge and a milky finish.

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  • Glenmorangie The Original 10yo
    Glenmorangie The Original 10yo

    Price: £39.99

    Was: £44.99

    This ten-year old single malt is produced by marrying the delicate spirit that emerges from Scotland’s tallest stills, with first and second fill American white oak casks.

    After maturing for ten long years in a range of ex-bourbon casks, it is then that the spirit develops a perfect balance between sweetness and complexity. Resulting in a mature spirit that is soft, mellow and creamy. Glenmorangie 10yo can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

    If you buy the ‘The Pioneer Set’, not only do you get a 70cl bottle of Glenmorangie Original 10yo, but also miniatures of The Lasanta and Quinta Ruban.

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  • Talisker Skye
    Talisker Skye

    Released in 2015, Talisker Skye is a softer release from this well loved distillery.

    With citrus notes and a gentle peppered smoke, enjoy a dram with the beautiful tumblers included in this set.

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  • Buffalo Trace
    Buffalo Trace

    Price: £21.69

    Was: £23.99

    Now we know this isn’t a Scotch whisky. It may even seem like sacrilege to suggest a bourbon for this list. However, if you’re not keen on Scotch, Buffalo Trace is the perfect non-Scotch whisky to enjoy.

    Sweet and spicy in equal measure with a smooth, vanilla finish, this bourbon is made from a combination of Kentucky and Indiana corn and aged for eight years in a barrel.

    It may not be Scotch, but it won a Silver Outstanding Medal at the International Wine and Spirits Competition.

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