What to Wear During a Heatwave

Let us help you navigate the fashion landscape for any occasions. This time, we address the issue of what to wear during a heatwave

In our what to wear section, we help you navigate the fashion landscape for any occasion that may appear tricky. This time, we help you figure out what to wear during a heatwave.

This morning in every office across the nation you’ve had or heard some kind of conversation about how hot it is going to be, and some of your coworkers praising the heat while others are cursing at the sudden rise in temperature.

And while this jolly talk keeps things light and promotes office camaraderie, the one major issue you will face on your own will be what to wear during a heatwave.

Very similar to the discomfort experienced in humid weather, a heatwave brings its own batch of sartorial dilemmas to the table.

Here we explore how to beat the heat and style a heatwave look without ever feeling hot under the collar.

  • Loose-Fitting Clothing
    Loose-Fitting Clothing

    When the thermometer’s number starts rising, it is time to start embracing loose fitting clothes.

    Maximalism is a trend, which is really convenient as we can indulge is oversized shirts and loose grungy t-shirts during those hot summer days.

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  • Natural Fibre fabrics
    Natural Fibre fabrics

    We can’t repeat this enough. In case of a heatwave, avoid synthetic fabrics at all costs.

    Not only will they make you sweat, they also quickly turn into a petri dish of bacteria which in turn will make you smell less than rosy.

    Opt for linen and cotton for their breathability and silk which will wick the sweat away from your skin.

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  • Light Colours
    Light Colours

    Dark colours absorb the most light and since light is energy, it means they also absorb the most heat.

    Stay away from dark colours if you don’t want to look like a sweaty mess come noon.

    Light hues such as pastels, whites and light neutrals are a wiser choice.

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  • Cutouts and Slits
    Cutouts and Slits

    When thinking about what to wear during a heatwave you have to favour, comfort and ventilation.

    While loose shapes will guarantee you are comfortable throughout the day, cutouts will ensure your body is perfectly ventilated.

    You can even mix and contrast the two, say with a slit maxi dress as pictured above.

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  • Leather Sandals
    Leather Sandals

    Avoid the discomfort of overheating from the feet up by adopting leather sandals as your weapon against the heat.

    Leather is a breathable fabric that will keep your feet dry and the cutouts of your sandals will make sure they are properly ventilated too.

    If you insist on wearing sneakers, add leather insoles to keep humidity in the shoe to a minimum and opt for canvas sneakers or espadrilles and cotton socks.

    No heels will ever make you feel better in the sun so you can forget about those.

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  • Minimalistic Accessories
    Minimalistic Accessories

    On your quest to what to wear during a heatwave, accessories need to be taken into account as well.

    We love mini bags as they allow you to carry the bare essentials and won’t add to your discomfort by being heavy or cumbersome and close to the body.

    This time again, opt for leather-based, light coloured mini bags.

    We would discourage you from going for jewellery as metals are heat conductors and nothing is as embarrassing as having to explain weird burns around your necks and wrists.

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