Outdoor Games and Activities to play this Spring

Entertain your friends and family this spring with these fun games and activities you can play in your back garden

Spring’s here and finally we can enjoy a few rays of sunshine. This time of year usually means parties, barbecues, fun and games out in the back garden.

With that in mind we’ve had a look at the best outdoor games you can play in your garden. We’ve got a Giant Connect 4, the classic childhood game that still as fun and addictive as you remember. We’ve also got Beer Pong, perhaps the greatest drinking game of all time.

Whether you’ve got friends and family coming around or if you want to entertain the kids during the holidays, these games will keep you occupied and entertained for hours on end!


  • Giant Tower Games
    Giant Tower Games

    This variant of Jenga is the same classic tower block game taken outdoors. You’ll need nerves of steel and hands as steady as rocks to come out as a winner in this game.

    One of the sets we’ve seen contains 58 pine blocks, each measuring 21cm x 7cm x 4.5cm. The tower starts at 0.9m (3ft) high and builds to on average a massive 1.5m (5ft) in play.

    Jenga with the added thrill of the tower collapsing on top of you. What could be more fun?

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  • Water Balloon Dodgeball
    Water Balloon Dodgeball

    Like regular Dodgeball, only this time played with a water balloon.

    Be careful that none of the balloons break on the ground before starting. Oh and play nice. No aiming for people’s faces!

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  • Giant Connect 4
    Giant Connect 4

    When we think of Connect 4, it brings back nothing but happy memories from our childhoods. Addictive and engrossing, this giant Connect 4 set will keep you and the kids occupied for ages!

    It’s also a fun game to play at parties. Standing at 1.1m tall with a bright blue frame and green legs, your guests won’t be able to stop themselves from having a go!

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  • Beer Pong
    Beer Pong

    A classic drinking game with two teams of two where the aim of the game is to get rid of the other teams’ cups first by throwing a ping pong ball into the other team’s cups.

    You’ll have to fill about ten cups filled with beer or any other intoxicating drink you can get your hands on. If a ball lands in a cup, the other team has to drink the contents of that cup.

    We’d say you should drink responsibly but when it comes to Beer Pong, what would be the fun in that?

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  • Bestway Steel Frame Pool Set
    Bestway Steel Frame Pool Set

    A great way to cool off in your back garden during the summer with the sun’s glaring down on you. Easy to set-up and also comes with a free installation DVD.

    There’s a variety of sizes and prices. Check them out in the link below.

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