Euro 2016: The Best and Worst Football Kits

Shopomo had a close look at the full 24-team lineup's kits and chose which we thought were on target or huge own goals

Euro 2016 kicks off on June 10th but all the nations taking part have unveiled their kits for the tournament.

There’ve been some gorgeous shirts, some good ones, but also some downright horrible ones.

Shopomo goes through the best and worst of them in the name of football fashion. Who wins our prize of having the best home kit for the tournament? Read on to find out…

  • France

    Despite our initial consternation at the lack of white shorts to complete the ‘tricolor’ look, this is a beautiful and stylish kit.

    France are not only the host nation but one of the favourites to lift the Henri Delaunay trophy on July 10th. This is a kit worthy of potential champions.

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  • Belgium

    Adidas combines the red, black and yellow of the Belgian flag to good effect. It also boasts striking fluorescent yellow accents in form of the Adidas 3 Stripes, placed on the sides of the shirt, and the sleeve cuffs.

    It’s a bold, striking effort and one of the best looking home kits of Euro 2016.


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  • Croatia

    This shirt confuses us. It should be horrible, a crime against football fashion: The wavy pattern, the chequered socks and the blue stripe. But somehow, it works!

    Inspired by the shirt worn by the 1998 team that reached the World Cup semi-finals in France, this is arguably the best kit of the tournament.

    The wavy pattern is meant to represent the Croatian flag flapping in the wind which we thought was a nice touch.

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  • Turkey

    Turkey find themselves in a tough group at Euro 2016 which includes current champions Spain. If they go out early, at least they’ll look good doing so.

    This is another fine kit from Nike! The fading red and black looks great along with the diagonal pattern that was inspired by the intricate mosaics seen in Turkish architecture.

    Not only a beautiful looking shirt but one that can double as a Spiderman costume.


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  • Spain

    A classic, minimalist look for the current European champions. Adidas have incorporated a triangular pattern which we like to think of as a tribute to their tiki-taka passing game.

    After the humiliation of going out in the group stage at the last World Cup (which included a 5-1 thrashing at the hands of Holland), can La Roja bounce back? This kit will certainly inspire them.

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  • England

    Quite possibly the worst England kit ever, and there’ve been a few! Nike’s decision to go against tradition hasn’t paid off. We’re not fans of the ice-blue trim and red socks
    with the white home kit just seems wrong.

    The response to the new home shirt has been less than enthusiastic. There’s even a Twitter petition going for Nike to change it back. We think this tweet sums up best why it’s pretty awful:

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  • Germany

    This is a shirt that divides opinion.

    Depending on your tastes, it’s either plain, boring and missing the classic Adidas striped sleeves. Or it’s a minimalist classic reminiscent of the shirt worn by the 1974 side featuring legends such as Franz Beckenbauer and Gerd Müller who lifted the World Cup that year.

    Given that Germany are the current world champions and pre-tournament favourites, Adidas could have produced a snazzier shirt for them.

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  • Ukraine

    The crosshatch pattern doesn’t work for us. We’re also not a fan of buttons adorning football shirts.

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  • Romania

    It’s VERY yellow and very tight. Hang on, we’ve seen that design somewhere before…

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  • Iceland

    While we’re happy that Iceland will be enjoying their first major tournament this summer, they’ll take to the pitch in perhaps the least inspiring kit we’ve seen so far.

    It looks very Sunday League.

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