Running Essentials: All You Need to Run a Marathon

Whether you’re an experienced marathon runner or a first timer, here are the running essential you'll need to successfully make it to the finish line.

Running a marathon is by no means easy, but being properly kitted out can help it go more smoothly and prevent unnecessary problems from arising.

From running shoes to the best anti-chafing cream, here are the running essentials that will make a marathon easier to take on.

  • Running Shoes
    Running Shoes

    The most essential thing you’ll need to successfully run a marathon is a good quality pair of running shoes.

    Don’t be tempted to pick the ‘best-looking’ or ‘best-selling’ pair. Instead, pick running shoes that are right for you personally.

    For example, are you more concerned about being comfortable or running as fast as you can?

    There are so many things to consider when buying running shoes, such as comfort, support, stability, speed, weight, etc. so make sure you take your time and do research to figure out exactly what shoe is right for you.

    Whatever you do, make sure you practice running in your marathon shoes before the big day – buying a new pair and saving them for the actual day is a mistake that could cost you a lot of blisters and unnecessary pain.

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  • Running Socks
    Running Socks

    You may think that any old socks will suffice for running a marathon, but investing in running socks can help ensure you have a comfortable run.

    Not only do running socks prevent sweating, but they’re also specifically designed to stop blistering and odor thanks to their breathable material.

    Just like running shoes, there are different types of running socks and it’s important to pick a pair that suit your needs.

    Whether you want extra cushioning for support or ultra-lightweight socks that feel almost non-existent, find a pair that works for you.

    Pictured: Hilly Women’s Photon Anklet Running Socks

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  • Sports Bra
    Sports Bra

    A sports bra is an essential for every woman when partaking in any exercise, but especially when running.

    The chest needs to be properly supported and this is even truer when taking part in a marathon.

    If your chest is not supported properly it can lead to discomfort, chafing and even sagging.

    For running, it is best to opt for a high-impact sports bra which will offer an increased level of support due to its less stretchy material.

    Pictured: Adidas Seamless Sports Bra Pink Buzz S10

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  • Running Shirt
    Running Shirt

    When running, never wear a cotton shirt as cotton absorbs moisture.

    This will not only result in your top becoming heavier as your run, but will also cause your top to become damp from sweat which will prevent you from drying off quickly.

    It is best to buy a shirt made of wicking material for running as this material is specifically designed to draw sweat away from the skin to the outer surface of the fabric. There it will easily evaporate leaving you feeling warm, dry and more comfortable as you run.

    Whether you buy a long or short sleeved running shirt is completely up to you and will probably be dependent on weather conditions.

    Pictured: Twentyfour Women’s Motion Running Shirt

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  • Running Capris
    Running Capris

    A good pair of capris are perfect for running as they can help wick sweat and prevent inner-thigh chafing which can cause terrible pain.

    There are many types and lengths of capris so you can buy different pairs to suit different weather conditions.

    You can even buy running capris with built-in compression which helps to aid blood circulation and limit your muscle movement to prevent injury when running.

    Pictured: Under Armour Women’s HeatGear Coolswitch Capri (SS16)

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  • Running Shorts
    Running Shorts

    If you’re not a fan of capris, you could opt for running shorts which are lighter and more breathable – perfect when running in warm weather conditions.

    Many running shorts now have built in lycra shorts which help keep your muscles warm as well as prevent chafing.

    Whichever you prefer, always choose synthetic materials which wick moisture, allowing you to have a more enjoyable run.

    Pictured: Adizero Running Shorts

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  • Running Belt
    Running Belt

    A running belt is optional as there are many water stations set up around a marathon course.

    However, having a running belt will allow you to refuel whenever you want.

    A running belt will also give you a place to store necessities such as your phone, keys, snacks and whatever else you may need.

    Pictured: Fitletic Ultimate Running Belt

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  • Body Glide
    Body Glide

    Price: £11.99

    Body Glide really is a marathon must-have as it will save you from the pain of chafing.

    Chafing is caused by consistent friction between skin and clothing which happens when you carry out a repetitive movement continuously, such as running.

    This results in skin rubbed red raw (and sometimes even bloody) which is unbelievably painful. Some of the areas where runners experience chafing include inner thighs, nipples, underarms and feet.

    Body Glide is a skin lubricant that protects skin from such chafing. Body Glide is both sweat and water resistant making it perfect for marathon runners.

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  • Sun Cream
    Sun Cream

    Price: £8.85

    As you’ll be running outdoors for at least a few hours, it’s vitally important to be properly protected from the sun.

    Therefore, you should always apply sun cream prior to running a marathon – whatever the weather (you can even get burnt on cool, overcast days).

    P20 is a good sun cream for runners as it is specifically for activity use and lasts for up to 10 hours meaning you only have to apply it once.

    Its formula is extremely water resistant, providing reliable sun protection for marathon runners.

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  • FitBit Surge
    FitBit Surge

    Price: £199.00

    Some runners like to track their progress leading up to marathon day as well tracking their performance during the marathon.

    There are many fitness gadgets that can track your time, distance, pace, and so much more.

    If you want a fitness tracker that offers everything, the Fitbit Surge is the perfect all-rounder. The Fitbit Surge offers built-in GPS track, real-time workout data and a heart-rate monitor.

    If you’re on a budget, you can get a basic fitness tracker, such as the Mi Band Smart Watch, for as little as £15.99.

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